Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Rolling Along

After spending several days last week NOT writing, I changed one little thing about what I'd already written and the floodgates opened wide.  I'm over 12K now.  Yay.  1900 words Monday night.  1800 words Tuesday night.  Woohoo.  Keep 'em coming.  

I have no set date for this to be finished, so I have no way of knowing when it'll be edited sufficiently to get it into the hands of readers or, further down the road, the hands of the book buying public.  But I'm writing, so that's something.  It's the end of April.  I finish the writing by the end of May, edit in June, get it to proofers and back in July... August maybe?

I read something yesterday that Rex Stout - the author of the Nero Wolfe mysteries - took about 45 days to write a book, usually during the winter.  If I could do that, that'd be great.  

As it is, I'm happy to be rolling along.  If the words are flowing out of my fingers, then all's right with the writing.


  1. I have nothing to say in my defense. The current WIP was supposed to have been finished and published over 3 years ago. Then stuff happened. And now it's streaky--one day can be 2500 words, the next nada. But I'm on chapter 28, there are some major scenes already written and waiting to be incorporated at the proper time.

    I'd be happy to do a NaNo book every other month. 50K in 30 days, 30 days to edit, format, and publish. Then another book in 20 days. Ah well. I'll keep dreaming. LOLOL

    Cheers to many new words for all!