Friday, November 6, 2020

Updates and Junk

Okay, if you were waiting for the sale on the A Model Curse books, it starts Monday.  Yay.  SU and UatB will be 99c/99p each through 11:59pm on the 15th.  CU will sit at $3.99. 

If you click that link, you'll see they've put the books together in a series now.  Yay.  If you're so inclined and have read the books, I'd appreciate a series review.

Let's look at those beautiful covers again...

Pissed Jeni, Resigned Jeni, Determined Jeni.  Although, to be fair, Jeni isn't all that resigned in UatB, but it was a good look for the cover.  

Anyway, the books are fun and I hope you'll read them.  

As for other writing stuff, I've been kinda derailed by all this election crap.  I'm trying to maintain my happy, but it's not often easy.   What I need to do is channel all this into some murders or something.  Create some evil villains and kill them off.  Maybe now would be the time to hit the next book in SCIU.  

The idea there is someone is killing off the ones that got away from justice.  Same format at the others, so you know who the killer is and who the players are, and the suspense is in seeing the journeys of both the killer and the ones who hunt her.  I wrote the beginning years ago.  The rest?  We'll see if I can muster the gumption.  I guess, since it's November, now would be the perfect time to get my ass in gear.

We'll see.

How are you doing?  How are things going in your world?  If you're a writer, how's the writing going?  If you're not, are you struggling with gumption in your activities?



  1. Yeah. Exactly. And I'll figure out a recipe for Jeni for Tuesday Treats & Titles. Not sure my reach pokes anyone enough to buy but you never know what will catch someone's attention.

    As to the rest. Yeah. The statistical side of my brain is exploding right now. A big honking pile of ballots turn up and EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM voted for ONE candidate? Yeah...hell no! That is such a statistical impossibility that there is no effing way. I see a very busy court system in our future. Ahem. Sorry.

    Writing is going. I'm managing over 2.5K a day average so I should hit my writing deadline with time for edits/proofs before my publisher's deadline. No real surprises in the story yet. I'm naming characters and plan to kill them off in my head if not on the page. Or at least send them to prison. Ah, day dreams. Ahem.

    I got an email from Amazon about grouping series. I need to read it and do it since it appears they aren't automatically populating series. Grrrr. Just one more thing. Gah. I hate the marketing stuff. Ahem.

    Hey! The sun is shining, the temps are moderate, turned off the heater a few days ago, don't have to turn it on until the middle of next week. Pancakes, sirens, and Mexican food tomorrow. Yay!

    Hang in there. Take care of yourself. Do what you need to do. Me, too. Go fishing! Have a good weekend. Read books. Play on-line poker. Nap. I want a nap. Except I have to go to Wallyworld and fry bacon to go with the pancakes tomorrow. Ahem. 🤣

    Later, tater.

  2. Yay for Jeni and all of her great covers! I hope your sale goes gangbusters!

    My gumption abandoned ship months ago. I just keep plodding along, however slowly.