Monday, November 2, 2020

It's Alive!


Cinder Ugly went live last night while I was sleeping.  And now the trilogy is complete.  So, if you were waiting until you could get the whole series, it's available.  I will be having a sale on the first two books later this week - because reasons - so if you want to continue waiting until you can get those cheaper, I'll let you know when that's a go.

Otherwise, they're $3.99 each.  

Sleeping Ugly - Book 1
Ugly and the Beast - Book 2
Cinder Ugly - Book 3

Aren't they pretty?  I hope to have a link to the series as a whole eventually.  (Amazon says they're working on it.)


  1. YAYAYAYAYAY! I grabbed it KU and will read and review soon! Then I'll buy it. FYI, it's a fun story, since I got to beta. Crossing fingers for many pages read and buys!

  2. Congratulations! I just left my review - Cinder Ugly deserves 6 stars!