Friday, October 9, 2020

Deep in Edit Hell

First off, Blogger hasn't been emailing me every time I get comments, like it's supposed to.  If your comment doesn't show up right away, you have my apologies.  I'll try to remember to check the comment thingy more often.  

Now, on to what I had originally thought about posting today...

Editing is exhausting.  This edit in particular is sucking the energy right out of me.  I've already done 13.5 pages of notes and entered them into the manuscript.  And I'm on page 121 out of 189.

What I do in this phase is read through the book on my Kindle and make notes on every little thing I catch (because all the big things should've been handled in the last edit phase).  When I get a page of notes, I come in here and fix them.  Making a page of notes can take anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour, depending on how many flaws I find.  Fixing those errors can also take 20 minutes to an hour, depending on how extensive the problem was.

The problems here range from commas to typos, extra words and missing words... 'I thought I caught all the instances where Precious was called Pinky, dammit'...  Gus' turned into Gus's... crutch words and rewording...  Sometimes I read a paragraph and every freakin' sentence needs an adjustment, leaving me wondering what the hell I was thinking when I wrote it.  Either my brain was on vacation or my fingers had a mind of their own that day. 

I had hoped to have this finished and into the hands of proofers by the end of this week.  It's Friday, so I'm guessing that ain't gonna happen.  

I hope you'll all maintain your patience with me. I'm tired and I want to just chuck the rest of the edits and say 'eh, it's good enough'.  But I won't do that.  It wouldn't be fair to you or fair to the book.  So I'll keep slogging along, mainlining coffee and cigarettes, until this is done.

But I'm tellin' ya, once this is off to the proofers, I'm taking a day off and going fishing.  Blerg.


  1. You absolute deserve a day off to go fishing! And I totally get you about a project sucking the energy out of you. You'll get it done, it'll be a better book, and then you can go tickle fish while the proof fairies do their thing. 😉

    I'd planned to have NIGHT WISH done yesterday. Then Life reared up. I spent the morning on the phone hoping to get my $1200 stimulus check that never came. By the time I got off the phone with my Congresswoman's assistant, my head was exploding. She was nice and she's trying to help but...freaking bureacracy. And DC period. Gah!🤯 Anyway.

    I did get a chapter done plus decisions made about the ending and stuff between here and there. Then this morning, instead of jumping right in, I got sucked into creating a mockup cover for FIGHTING FOR JUSTICE for my NaNo profile. Gah. 😣

    Gah is my new favorite word. So, I'll waste some time on the internet and then I'll get started and I'll be done by dinner. 🤞 With luck and if my head doesn't keep exploding, it'll be released next week. So...yay! 🥳

    And I hear you on the blogger. Wordpress is driving me nuts. My posts are still show [No Content] in my RSS feed/blog roll manager. The title is there and it'll open if you click but still... Stupid Wordpress! But it's free so I guess it's that old adage--you get what you pay for.

    Anyway, I'm off to finish the carpe diem stuffs so I can get BICHOK and charge toward The End. Later, tater! 😘

  2. You definitely deserve a day to go fishing. Maybe even a week! Your brain will need a thorough reset after editing hell.

    You make me glad I gave up on blogging. Any comments at this point probably belong in the trash heap, seeing as I haven't posted in ... what? two years? I only get spammers, these days.