Friday, January 24, 2020

Writing Necessities and Obsessions

Earlier, a FB friend was talking about her obsession with pens and paper.  And I commented that I don't have an obsession, but then went on to talk about my 'writing necessities'.  At which point, she pointed out that I perhaps do have an obsession.  She's isn't wrong.

In order to write, I have to have a 5-subject notebook and a red gel pen.

On the other hand, I don't think I'm as obsessed with the tools of the trade as some writers.  I don't feel the burning need to buy stacks of notebooks or boxes of writing implements.  I don't have any pretty notebooks - except the ones I got as prezzie that I don't actually write in.  I don't have any really nifty pens.  And I only write longhand as a way to shake myself up or when I need to work through a problem.

For that, I need one big notebook and at least two pens - one for using and one for backup in case the first one runs dry.

Now, the reason I use a 5-subject - must be college-ruled - is that it has the right heft, so I don't feel like I need anything sturdy behind it when I'm writing in my chair.  And college-ruled, because the wide ruled just feels wrong somehow.  You can get more on a page with college-ruled anyway.

As for the red gel pen, I think I got into the whole red thing as a way to combat the fear of the editor.  I mean, red means bad.  If it's red, you've done something wrong, right?  So, I use a red pen for regular writing.  And when I have to do any editing on that, I use a plain ol' black ballpoint.  Whichever one is handy.

In the last package of red gel pens, I got a purple pen for free.  Not sure what to do with that sucker.  I mean, I know a gal who writes in purple, but :shudder: totally not my bag.

I know we don't actually need any particular item to write.  We could all write as easily on one thing as another, with whatever implement put marks on paper.  But writers get into their grooves and stepping out of the groove harshes our ability to make stories.  For me, it's one thing.  For you, perhaps another.

What about you?  What are your writing necessities?  And if you don't write, what little things do you need to do your job?   Are you obsessed with them?


  1. Uhm....thinkthinkthinks

    I...uhm...guess I need my keyboard, monitor, and my Scrivener program. Oh, and my white board, I guess. Post-its. I don't have to have them. I can write "notes to self" on any piece of paper. I have journals and notebooks to jot quick ideas down that require more room than my white board allows. And I've written in a spiral notebook, then transcripbed to the computer using a variety of writing programs and Word, until I discovered Scrivener. But yeah, I don't really have any obsessions. Whatever is handy works for me.

  2. I love the idea of writing in red! Keep that inner editor caged where it belongs. LOL!

    I write short notes on 1"x5" strips of paper left over from printing postage. They need to be organized, if I haven't already lost them.
    For serious longhand writing I use a clipboard and plain white paper. For some reason the lack of lines relaxes me, I guess because I can write as big or small as I like. Or sideways, when the mood strikes. :-D