Wednesday, January 15, 2020

A Dennis Haggarty Mystery Sale

It's time again for another sale.  This time around, Accidental Death and Natural Causes are on sale for 99c/99p each. 
Actually they're on sale today through next Tuesday night, but I made the graphic for posting on FB.

I know tons of people bought Accidental Death, but haven't bought Natural Causes yet.  Now's a good time to rectify that, if you're one of them. 

In AD, you get to meet Dennis Haggarty, a gritty Denver Homicide Detective, as he comes up against small town attitudes while trying to solve a murder no one wants to believe is murder. 

In NC, you find Dennis is now the Chief of Police in a small mountain town where an apparent cougar attack isn't what it seems.  The place has changed, but the attitudes haven't.

I got the idea for AD while living in a small town in the middle of nowhere and realizing how easy it would be to have a murder explained away as accidental.  The young man found hanging in his garage.  The stranger found burned up in his car in the middle of a wildfire.  The time my insane neighbor almost asphyxiated us by letting her guests run their RV in her driveway while my home filled with exhaust.  Little things that made me wonder and wondering always leads me to stories. 

I grew up outside a small town, hearing about the attitudes inherent there  - although being outside of it then.  Then I found myself smack in the middle of it later in life.  I'm well outside of it now, but hell, I hear about it here, too.  Three different towns, three different states, same small-town ideas and prejudices and attitudes.  Go figger.

Anyway, I had a lot of fun writing these books.  I hope you have a lot of fun reading them.

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  1. Every time you have a sale, I wish I could buy your books all over again!