Friday, January 31, 2020

When Work and Creativity Collide (aka My Work Side is a Bully)

I have a problem.  The part of my brain that deals with work stuff - finances, marketing, spreadsheets, etc. - is a bully.  When it's on, it grabs hold of the part of my brain that deals with creative stuff, smacks it around, and shoves it into a locker. 

I hadn't really thought about it before, but I suppose, looking back at it now, it's been a problem for a while.  I try to separate the two by doing work stuff in the daytime and creative stuff at night, but it doesn't always keep the bully in check.  Sometimes if I spend a lot of time on the work stuff during the day, I'm too beat up to let my creativity side play at night.

Not sure how to fix this.  I mean, I probably need to put my creative side on a regimented exercise plan ala Jack Lalanne, so when the bully side gets uppity, the creative can hold its own. 

I don't want to shut down the work side completely.  It's the side that makes me money.  But if all I have is the work side, I don't produce more product to make money with.  I'd love it if I could find a balance somewhere, make the two sides play nice for a while.  They need each other, after all.

I suppose I should just shut up and get 'er done.  Pull the creative side out of the locker and push it to stand up for itself. 

How about you?  Does your work side bully your creative side?  Vice versa? 


  1. My work side is my creative side. Now, anyway. Sadly, my creative side is hybernating so my work side is taking a vacation. Too bad I don't have the funds to join it.

    Maybe you should switch things around. Grab that first cup of coffee and morning cigarette, contemplate the woods, then sit down and write the creative stuff. Have lunch. Still feeling creative? Keep writing. Not feeling it? Do the work stuffs. Have dinner. Finish up the work stuffs if not done before, or get creative again.

    There's a name for this scenario/flow chart but I haven't had enough coffee to either remember it or Google it.

    Have a great weekend!

  2. I think my work side won the battle. I haven't done anything creative -- haven't even *felt* creative -- in a couple of years.

    But on the good side, I am getting more done on the nonfiction, and it sells better.

  3. INFOGRAPHIC! The caffeine finally kicked in. LOLOL Yeah...I should create an infographic for this. LOLOL