Friday, July 19, 2019


First off, I dragged my gumption away from the extended vacation it has been on for the majority of the year.  :cue fans cheering loudly:  "Hip, hip, hurr... meh.  'Bout time, lady."

Right now, I'm in the middle of accomplishing the edits I wrote down back in March.  I've gone through all the notes and done the easier ones.  Yesterday, I went back through the notes and typed up the bigger, deeper edits this book requires.  It's about a page and a half of typed notes.

I started tackling them last night. 

Little things that take more effort are on there.  Like verifying what floor Jeni's apartment is on.  (The eighth, btw.)  And verifying Jeni's mom's name is the same throughout - apparently I couldn't decide on Marjorie or Maude, so there were instances of both.  (It's Maude.)  At one point, I mentioned that there was a storm brewing, but I never actually made it rain.  That's a 'fix or delete' situation.  I fixed that.  I think.  Might need to go back and layer in some more rainy stuff.

Some of the things I have to verify are already written down in my 'series bible'.  (That's the file you keep so that certain things stay the same throughout - like names, hair colors, etc.)  Some of it, I never put in there, so I have to go back through Sleeping Ugly, trying to find the information.  (The ages of Josh's kids, for instance.)

Once again, I'm checking the easier stuff off and making a big O around stuff I need to go back over again - the bigger stuff and the more tedious stuff (like 'find and replace THAT').  When I go through the list of easier stuff, I'll go back and hit the harder stuff again. 

And when all of that is done, I'll set it aside for a bit.  I'll write Cinder Ugly.  Then I'll go back and re-read through UatB and make another round of notes, this time making sure that what I wrote in all three books is constant. 

This isn't a quick process, but it gets the job done.  Maybe once I get all this done, I'll be ready to send this off to my AWE (Awesome Wonderful Editor) and start the process for CU.  Again, I hope to be able to release these things before the end of the year, but I ain't promisin' anything.  All I have right now is hopes and gumption.


  1. Hope and gumption can help eat the elephant and the books come when they come. I was doing great for a bit and then...blah. I have to hit things hard today. No ifs, ands, or buts. Gonna git 'er done. It doesn't help that I've done something to my right shoulder and it stiffens up on me as I type and then shoots excruciating pain through me when I reach for something. Grrr. Never fails.

    On that note, I need to speed up my morning lolligagging and get to it! Hang in there and keep processing. Have a great weekend. 😊