Friday, December 7, 2018

Looking Ahead

I may have said before that I am horrible at looking ahead.  Always have been, as far as I can tell.  Being with Hubs has gone a long way toward getting me to plan for the future, but I still find it really hard to think about next year or next month.  Hell, even next week is too far away.  Making an appointment months in advance sends me into spasms.  Ahem...

Anyway, I'm trying to look ahead.  I actually got off my butt and planned a sale for the end of the month.  AND I set up advertising.  (Already paid for advertising that's 3 weeks off.  :shudder:)  All the SCIU books will be discounted from the 24th thru the night of the 30th and the ads will go out for DE on the 26th.  The ads are with Bargain Booksy (again) and Book Adrenaline (new to me).  Fingers crossed.

I've got to plan ahead for releases and junk.  Get covers and editing way in advance, which I've been pretty good about.  Plan the time it will take me to edit a book and how much time it'll take AWE to do her part, etc. 

As I said earlier this week, I need to start thinking about spreadsheets for 2019.  Which really should be completed before 2018 ends.

Doing stuff in 2019?  Not a friggin' clue.  I have no idea what the publication schedule will look like.  And every time I think about it the spasms begin.  It's like, for some reason, 2019 is a void to me.  And thus, I am avoiding it.  Hehe.

At the beginning of 2018, I had a pretty good idea of what I wanted to accomplish in the year.  Publish 4 books.  With the release of Unequal in a couple weeks, I will have done that.  I even had a good idea of which books would go out.  This coming year?  No clue.  I know I should probably publish the next two Sleeping Ugly books, but I can't wrap my brain around either of those at the moment.  I have ideas for another SCIU and another Dennis Haggarty.  But I would need to write those before I could even begin to think about publishing them.  I have two other older manuscripts I'd like to see in print, but they need a lot of work before I inflict them upon my AWE.

So, the question becomes, do I bust my ass and write four books so I can publish them in 2019?  Or do I cut back and only do a couple?  Do I go back to edit older books that are already written?  Gah.

Anyway, you see my quandary.  Things will happen in 2019.  What those things will be?  :shrug:  You got me.

But first... Finish editing Unequal and get it out there.  The rest will handle itself somewhere along the way.


  1. Looking back? Didn't get much accomplished. I'm not looking ahead. I think my best course of action is to work on one day at a time. At least until I get unfunked and conquer that whole procrastination gene thing I got goin' on. Good luck with the sale! And yeah...stuff will handle itself. That' my new mantra. ;)

  2. One day at a time. That's all I can handle at the moment.

    I hope your ads work!