Friday, August 10, 2018

Short Stuffs and Mini Updates

I had an idea for Ugly and the Beast the other night.  I didn't get up and write it down and now it's gone.  All I'm left with is the memory of thinking it was really awesome.

Sleeping Ugly should be back to me tomorrow for final edits on my end.  As long as they aren't numerous or lengthy, I should be able to put this up for pre-order sometime before the 25th.  Or would you rather I just put the book up for sale when it's ready?

Part of me wants to put books up for pre-order.  Another part doesn't see the point. As a reader, I rarely pre-order books.  I don't like buying something and then waiting for the cost to come out of my bank account at some future date.  Cuz I might forget about it. 

Obviously, I am not going to have Ugly and the Beast ready to send to AWE any time soon.  So, I'm going to send her Unequal next, in order to have a fourth book come out this year.  From a sales standpoint, I probably should've buckled down and busted my ass to get UatB out next, but apparently that's not how I roll, baby. 

If you're keeping track, Sleeping Ugly will be my 12th published novel.

I had planned to do some marketing for the Once Upon a Djinn series this month, but since the stuff I had planned fell through, I scrapped the idea and went ahead and raised all the prices for those books to $3.99.  Now I have to wait 30 days to hold any kind of sales for those, so maybe next month I'll do something sparky. 

I still haven't done paperbacks for my last two books.  Do any of you care?  Cuz if I thought anyone cared, I'd be more motivated to get that stuff done. 

My cover artist is doing a paperback cover for Sleeping Ugly.  I'm still not sure if I'll go paperback with that book yet, but I'll have the option. 

Okay.  That's it.  Does anyone have any questions?  Comments?  Wisdoms?


  1. I'm sort of stuck on your lost idea. I hate it when that happens! Here's something weird that bizarrely worked the other day when I lost a slip of paper that had a book idea on it...I thought about the project very vaguely when I was falling asleep and then the idea came back. This time I added it to Google Keep instead of entrusting it to paper. Good luck with your own idea!

    1. Yay! I'm so glad your idea came back! LOL, I lose more stuff when I'm falling asleep than any other time. No worries, though. I'll probably rekindle the idea when I get back to writing the book. And if I don't? Well, it probably wasn't the right idea to begin with. ;o)

  2. Hope the idea--or one even more awesome--comes to you. I normally don't put books up for pre-order because I usually just put them up when they're ready. UtAM is a bit different because it's a "private" publisher who'd putting the book up. It is kind of fun to see a sales ranking before the book is due. I sometimes preorder books that I know I'm absolutely going to buy but knowing that, I leave space in future book budgets for them.

    I need to get my back list ready for print. If nothing else, I have a librarian who wants them and she gets them into library system so they can be requested with inter-library loan. I've picked up new readers that way. And I occasionally sell a paperback. Also, they're good for the odd booksigning I do. Not in a big rush though. Got way too much stuff on my plate.

    I gave WISH IN ONE HAND a mention on Instagram yesterday for National Book Lovers Day. I hope it will get you some look-sees.

    And that's it for me. I need to get cleaned up, do errands, and get to writerly work. Have a great weekend!

    1. Thanks, Silver! We'll see what happens when SU is ready to go. I just don't have the patience for pre-orders, I guess. I did pre-order UtAM this morning, though. Can't wait!

      Cool you have a librarian waiting for your books! The last paperbacks I sold ended up being my MIL. Which was nice, but I would've mailed them to her if I knew she wanted them.

      OMG, thank you so much!

      I hope you got your stuffs done yesterday! And here's to a productive weekend. ;o)

  3. Oh, I hate it when an idea disappears! I hope you remember it and write it down.

    You just reminded me, I had an editing thought when I was falling asleep the other night. Loooong since forgotten.

    I like to create a paperback version. For me, it's less work than the Kindle version - that's how my brain rumbles. And once in a rare while, someone buys one from my Etsy site. :-)

    1. Unless I manage to pick the idea back up again when I sit down to work on UatB next month, it's gone. And that's okay.

      Sorry you lost your editing idea. :hugs:

      I'm glad paperbacks work for you, Deb. And yay for selling some off your site!