Monday, August 20, 2018

Random Release Observations

In case you missed it, Sleeping Ugly released late Saturday night.   Here are some observations I made this time around...

1)  Sleeping Ugly's cover got washed out a little on Amazon.  It's way more electric than that.

2)  I got a ranking in Australia long before I got one in the US.  But I didn't make any Aussie sales before I had US ones, so I'm guessing someone downunder has KU and follows me.  G'day, mate.

3) I didn't have a 'release day'.  I had a release night.  I slept through most of it.

4) After I got the book uploaded for release, all I wanted was a nap.  No excitement.  No champagne.  No woohoo.  Just a nap.  I settled for no nap because it was almost dinner time and then I went to bed early.  Party like a rockstar.  Woo.

5) Formatting is easy once you have it down.  I have a checklist.  And it doesn't take long.  I spent maybe an hour formatting SU for epub.  I'll spend another hour or so today formatting for print*.

6) Amazon does not like Viner Hand font, which is what the title is supposed to be.  (It is Viner Hand in the PDF version I made, but I'm only passing that out to a few people.)  But it substituted something nice, so no big thing.  I could force it by using a graphic instead of actual font, but meh.  Amazon takes a penny for larger files.  I want my penny more than I want a cool font.

7)  If I put my head down and work like a husky pulling the sled by himself at the Iditarod, I can accomplish things and meet deadlines.  But it's tiring as hell. 

*In case you missed the news, Createspace might be going away within the next couple months.  I'll be shifting my books from there to Amazon's print thingie as soon as I can.


  1. You and I sound like we're on the same schedule! I have a release tomorrow. :) I'm with you on the husky thing. This time I somehow injured my hand (by typing and scrolling!) Age is a terrible thing. I've been trying to rest it, but there's no really good way to do that around releases. Good luck with your launch!

    1. Yay! Good luck on your release! Oh, no! And injured hand is the worst. Age is terrible. Take care of your hand as best you can. Fingers crossed you can get everything done you need to get and that the injury goes away soon.

      And thanks!

  2. Hooray for your release night!

    Sleeping Ugly is a fun book. I highly recommend it. :-D

    1. Thanks, Deb! And I'm so glad you enjoyed it! Thanks bunches for the review! =o)

  3. I second all of what you said. And yeah for the Down Under crew! I'm looking foward to reading it in between all the crappola I'm in the middle of.

    Now that it's done, take a day, enjoy the cooler weather and go fishing. ;)

    1. Thanks, Silver! And yay for Down Under! I really hope you enjoy SU, especially since it's not audio and it's more trouble for you to read it.

      I took yesterday. Today I'm back at work. Maybe tomorrow I'll fish. We'll see.