Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Sale Time Again

Years ago, there was this furniture store that would have so many sales it was hard to discern if any of them were really special.  It was like 'oh, yawn, they're having a sale again'.  I am trying to keep that in mind when I have these sales, but it seems like the number of books I sell hinges on having 'sales'. 

So here we are again.  Another sale.  This time, the books of the 'A Dennis Haggarty Mystery' series are both on sale for 99c or .99p.  Now until Sunday. 

I know a great deal of people have purchased Accidental Death since it's release in 2015, so now's their chance to pick up the second book - Natural Causes - for cheap.  See what's happening with Dennis and Jillian and Pat. 

Accidental Death, as you may know, is particularly close to my heart.  You know, the wife of a former city manager writing about the widow of a deceased city manager.  That sort of thing.  All spun up into a hard-boiled, noir-like mystery with characters you could meet in any small town on the eastern plains of Colorado.  (Or anywhere else in America, truth be told.  I borrowed some traits from people I knew back in small town Michigan, too.)

Natural Causes progresses from there with the problems of a small mountain town instead of a small plains town, but the problems aren't that much different.  Murder, mayhem, cover up, with Dennis investigating it all and trying to stay sane.

Anyway, I hope you'll give them a try.  Or if you've already tried Accidental Death, will give Natural Causes a whirl, too. 


  1. Loved them both! As I've mentioned -- often ;) -- Dennis is one of my favorite fictional cops!

    1. Thanks, Silver! Your support is one of the things that keeps me going! Onward, my friend!