Friday, June 8, 2018

Events and Fears

This morning I read another excellent post over at Elizabeth Spann Craig's blog - 3 Things You're Probably Not Doing on Goodreads That You Should.  And I hung my head in shame.  They're really not hard things to do and as into Goodreads as I am, I probably should've already been doing them. 

To that end, I created an event for my upcoming sale on the Dennis Haggarty Mysteries.  If you got an invite, great.  If you didn't, you can click the link and join along.  It's my first 'event', so don't be surprised if I did something wrong. 

Now, as for invites.  I sat here for the longest time, trapped in a fearful place and wondering whether I should send invites at all.  I really don't want to irritate people.  Really.  Don't.  So much so that I am loathe to send invites to anybody for anything. 

And that is really stupid on my part. 

People follow me on Goodreads and Facebook because they WANT TO KNOW what's going on with me and/or my books.  So it stands to reason that receiving an invite from me would not be irritating.  Right?

So, I bit the bullet and invited like 200 people.  Pretty much everyone I'm friends with (with the exception of one super bestselling author and one gal I know did not have a fond appreciation for AD.)  If you got an invite, feel free to share it around. 

If you don't follow me on Goodreads, please do.  I'll try to be more active on there. And I'll try not to be such a putz when it comes to inviting you to things.  Hell, I haven't even invited my friends on FB to like my Pages.  Derp.  Maybe I'll suck it up and do that over the weekend.  Baby steps.


  1. Got mine and RSVPd! I'm with you on inviting people, though. I remember agonizing over party invites as a kid, terrified at who would laugh at me for deigning to invite them, like they'd come to my party because, puh-leeze! I so was not one of the cool kids. *shrug* I'll talk up the books when they go on sale. I'll do a Tuesday Titles on my blog on the 19th. If you have any stellar reviews, zip me a copy to include!

    1. Thanks, Silver! Your parents let you have a party? Lucky duck. Whether people would come to my party was one worry I never had to have. Thanks for talking up my books. Always. You're awesome. :hugs:

  2. Sigh. Goodreads is one of those "I hate messing with" sites. Haven't got my latest book up yet. Um, maybe not the book before, either. I suppose I should check. Maybe after I get my PC woes fixed - I'm maybe halfway though. This keyboard is driving me bonkers.

    But I got Dead Wizard's Loot live on Amazon. Hooray!!!

    1. Tsk tsk. Seriously, if you need help getting your books up on Goodreads, send me the particulars. Really, though, since Amazon bought Goodreads, they automatically list books on there when they're released, so you should be good. Still, if you need anything, let me know.

      :blink blink: You had a book release?! Paste a link here, please. Is this in your Mindbender's series or world? Inquiring minds want to know. Talk that book up!

    2. Thanks, B.E.! They're all there now. I don't have trouble with it, I just don't like it.

      Dead Wizard's Loot is here! :-)
      It's in the same world and continues Viper's adventures, but without the Mindbender hanging over him.