Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Fun Fun Fun

I'm making headway on Sleeping Ugly and I WILL have it ready for my editor on Friday.  Might be Friday night, but it will be FRIDAY.

Not sure what the mental hold up is this time.  It's a great story and it's loads of fun.  This one doesn't have anything that would make me hesitate to publish it.  It's just fluffy and enjoyable.  But I am dragging my feet.  :shrug:   Eh, you know me.  I'll work like a madman for the next three days and get it in under the wire.

Next week, I had planned to start the next book.  Then last night, I figured out how to wrap this up so that it doesn't NEED a next story.  I mean, I could still write more stories in this world if I wanted to, but without a need, I don't have the pressure of getting a book done this summer so it'll be publishable by this November, and then writing a third book so it'll be out in February.

Gah, just thinking about a schedule like that makes me want to hurl.

All I have to do is write a new end by Friday.  :panics: 

Actually, the first thing I need to do is remember the new end I thought of while falling asleep last night.  That's more doable to me than writing two more books and having them ready to publish by early 2019.

Fun fun fun.

Anyway, that will probably mean the November book will, once again, be Unequal.  Yay. 

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  1. Haven't I taught you to jot that $h!+ down before you go to sleep? LOLOL And yay for a standalone that doesn't Have to have more books unless you want to write them. Well done! And I loved the snippet you left on my blog this morning. Awesome blossom! :)