Monday, October 16, 2017

Sales in Other Countries

Oops.  Wrote this earlier and forgot to hit publish...

Someone in Australia has been reading my books.  One after the other.  (In the Kindle Unlimited program otherwise I'd  have no clue.) Yay!  Not sure how that happened, though.  I mean, I kind of have an idea.  The sales last month boosted my visibility.  Natch.  But how someone in Australia found Wish in One Hand exactly puzzles me. 

All my books are available everywhere Amazon is.  Since they're only available in English, it makes sense they'd sell into other English speaking nations.  It doesn't happen quite as often as I'd hope, though.  Sometimes I sell into the UK.  Every once in a while, I sell something in Canada, but it's rare.  (Which kind of baffles me, because both my editor and my cover artist are Canadian and Canada's like right up there. Our neighbors to the north. :waves:)  Even rarer, Australia. 

When I run a freebie, I see people from all over the world downloading, which is cool.  Here's how last month's freeie for WIOH broke out...

US - 649 downloads
UK - 36
Germany - 12
France - 2
Spain - 1
Italy - 0
Netherlands - 1
Japan - 0
India - 1
Brazil - 1
Mexico - 0
Australia - 18

But free downloads almost never equates into sales in those countries.  I can't remember the last time I actually had a sale or page reads in Germany.

And don't get me started on reviews.  I have reviews here.  I have a minor number of reviews in the UK.  Anywhere else?  Nada. 

Anyway, like I said, I'm not sure about how I get sales in other countries or how to get more of them.  I'm certainly happy to have them.

Do you read books from other countries?  I read a fun romance out of Australia the other day.  Sometimes I see a free book listed in the Kindle UK Facebook thing and I'll go to the US site and see if it's available here. 

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  1. My self-pub foreign sales are mostly zip-zero-nada. The Moonstruck books did pretty in the English-speaking countries in the beginning. Occasionally, Germany pops up (I do well there with the HQ books). The one market I can't figure out is Japan. I figured they'd LOVE the Moonstruck books. Nope. I've never sold a book there. Have no clue how to even break into that market. I sure can't afford to hire a translator. Ah well.

    Here's hoping those free downloads will add up to sales!