Monday, October 9, 2017

Be Vewwy Vewwy Quiet

I wrote words last night.  But I am trying to be vewwy vewwy quiet about it so I don't chase them all away.

Yeah, sometimes words are like bunnies.  No sudden moves.  No open acknowledgement of their existence.  Or they'll run away.

Hell, I don't even like to acknowledge that I have writer's block because with WB, it's the opposite.  I acknowledge it and it swarms all over me.  Bleh.  I have to ignore that shit so it'll go away.

I said yesterday that I might do something totally off the wall to get my writing jump started.  That wasn't the trick.  In fact, I spent all day yesterday trying to think of something off the wall to write and came up empty.

What worked?  I sat down here last night and read the last good bit of writing I had on Early Grave.  And I saw where I had glossed over something and then omitted something kind of important.  I reworked that last patch.  Then I deleted about a thousand words past that point and wrote a scene where the hero and the heroine argue.  And although he's kinda of right, she can't see it and it totally pisses her off, which makes her do something unwise which will lead to where I need the plot to be.  Tada.

:fingers crossed:

The reason I'm crossing my fingers is that I don't want this bunny to run away.  I need this bunny. 

So, be vewwy vewwy quiet.  K?


  1. Shhhhh! And congrats on finding your way out of the corner. I'm still working on it. *sigh*

    1. LOL. And thanks!

      You'll find your way out soon. :hugs:

  2. *Creeping past at a snail's pace to say yay for seeing the light.*