Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Chicken. Head. Off.

It's pre-release week.  So, basically, I'm running around like a chicken with its head cut off.  Not literally, of course, but in my head, that's about what it feels like. 

My last to-do list was a full page of little notebook paper.  Right now, all but two things have been crossed off.  I started a new to-do list - moved those two items and added two more.

I'd forgotten how much stuff has to be done around a release. 

Last night, I got WHTF formatted for print.  Then I went through all of the Once Upon a Djinn ebooks and adjusted the back matter so they all have WHTF info on them along with links.  Meanwhile, I found an error in the print copy of Up Wish Creek which needs to be corrected in case anyone should want to buy a print copy.  (Not likely, but still.)

I also firmed up and paid for some advertising last night.  And contacted my cover artist with a page count for WHTF so she can do the paperback cover. 

Today, I have to work on bookmarks, updating the back matter for all my other books, more advertising stuff, work on the Createspace stuff for WHTF...  Argh.

It'll all get done.  It has to.  And since there's no one else to do it but me, I guess I'd better quit ma bitchin' and get to work.

What are all y'all up to today?


  1. I'm trying to get my head back into the deadline game. So far? Yeah...not so much. I may break down and make a grocery run. We're out of eggs, bacon, and almost out of coffee. Not a catastrophe. Yet. Then I really need to sit my arse down, open the file I really don't want to open because this will be an additional editor directed rewrite of the first 3 chapters and the synopsis, despite the fact that I'm 38K words into the book, which will necessitate me rewriting/moving many of those words around. Bless Scrivener. Makes that easy to do.

    1. Almost out of coffee? Not a catastrophe? Good god, woman, I hope you got thee to a store. I also hope you got your head in the game afterwards. You can do this. Boo about the rewriting, though. Ugh. :hugs: