Wednesday, August 16, 2017

It's Almost Here!

Another month and Wish Hits the Fan will be available for everyone to read.  :muppetflail:

Until then, all I can give you is the cover...

And the blurb...

You’d think being a genie would be easy-peasy.  But when you’re Jo Mayweather, ain’t nothing so simple.  Sure, she defeated the Efreet at the big warehouse blowup, but those bastards left a surprise for her amongst the cages.  Now she’s got to figure out why the hell the Efreet would be messing with creating a deadly species, who they’re afraid of, and why the gods themselves are running.  With the deities on a break, it’s up to Jo to gather the genies and save the world.  But who’s going to save her? 

And a snippet from the beginning...

What in the name of Uncle Hank is it now?
I gazed around the dilapidated warehouse as if seeing it for the first time.  Cages hung from chains all around the open expanse.  They had been filled with genies for the most part.  Others held vampires and lycanthropes and members of a myriad of species across the supernatural realm.  Almost all of them were empty now, their prisoners set free by myself and my merry band of djinn allies.  The final few left occupied housed Efreet—sort of the anti-us, if you will—awaiting whatever punishment they deserved for being the heinous bastards they were. 
“Come on, Jo.”
Jo.  That was me.  Josephine Eugenia Mayweather to be more precise.  I guess I was kind of shell-shocked, waiting for the fact I was needed elsewhere to sink in.  Not much more than an hour had passed since my friends had kicked Efreet ass in this shitty New York City warehouse. And while they were at it, I got to battle my own father in a melodramatic kind of freakish family reunion.  My compatriots had won.  I’d won. 
It was over.
Over?  I’d have to allow myself a good chuckle later.  It wouldn’t be over until I was taking the big dirt nap.  And being a djinn meant few things were able to put me six feet under.

As you see, it picks up where Up Wish Creek left off.  Of course, if you haven't read Up Wish Creek, maybe you don't see.  But you can rectify that in plenty of time before September 15th, so have at it. 


  1. LOVE this cover and the blurb is pretty much spot on! LOVED the opening. Must get work done so I can play. ;)

    1. Thanks, Silver! I hope you get some playtime soon, but I understand you're hip deep right now. :hugs:

  2. Yay! Love the cover and love the opening! :-D

    I have a book I really want to read, but I'm still groggy from having a cracked tooth pulled. Hasn't been one of my better days.

    1. Thanks, Deb!

      Oh, man! Sorry about your tooth. I hope you get a chance to read, but I also hope you're sleeping and taking it easy. :hugs: