Monday, August 21, 2017

Decisions, Decisions... Decided

Good morning. I hope you're all going to have lovely days today.  (Yeah, it's eclipse day.  Try not to burn your eyes out, okay?)

But enough of all that.  I'm going to talk about decisions. 

Wish Hits the Fan is with my editor right now.  It's not due back until the 4th (which is Labor Day, sure, but my editor is in Canada, so she doesn't care and I'm a writer, so I'll still be working).  Which gave me 3 weeks to work on something else.  Decisions, decisions...

My choices were 1) begin editing Sleeping Ugly, 2) finish writing Early Grave, 3) work on the Arthurian thing, 3) go way back to the beginning and continue my forge through Fear Itself to make it something someone might actually want to read someday, 4) something else entirely.

I took the first week off.  Mainly because I was a little burned out.  Partly because none of my potential projects were calling me.  I'd spend uncounted hours thinking about the projects available to me.  I'd use untold brain space pondering them. 

Yesterday afternoon, with no particular impetus, I sat down here and started working.  The winner was... Early Grave.  And man, those first 35K words I wrote on it already are a hot mess.  I deleted some stuff, moved some stuff, and got about 500 new words out.  I think I'm back on track.  Oh, it's still a hot mess, but it's a hot mess I can work with. 

As a writer, this book makes me nervous.  Every time I think about publishing it, I get a little anxious because the main character isn't what you might expect from me.  Then I tell myself 'screw it' and keep going.  Ned's awesome.  The writing is solid - even if it is rife with typos and junk right now.  As I was scanning through the paragraphs, deciding what to keep and what to snip, I kept finding myself reading the book instead of doing my job, so I know it's a good book.

Not sure when I'll have this finished and when it'll be scheduled for publication.  It will be as long as I don't chicken out.  When?  Sometime later this year or early next, maybe.

So, now that's been decided, I have work to do.  And only two weeks to do it in.  (Less if JC gets the final edits done for WHTF ahead of time.)  Good thing I fell and torqued my ankle, so I have no distractions from sitting here and writing, eh?

I hope you like my decision.  Early Grave will be the third book in the SCIU series.  Serial killer targeting old people and not for the reasons you might suspect.  This ain't no 'angel of death' scenario.  Bwa ha ha.

For those of you more interested in my supernatural bent, Sleeping Ugly will be published, too.  It just needs more time to percolate.  And Wish Hits the Fan will be out September 15th, good lord willin' and the creek don't rise.

Any questions?


  1. NED!!!! I'm glad you're going back to the suspense series. I like the SCIU folks and I love your voice in the genre. I'm looking forward to this one.

    1. I hope I can do this book justice, Silver. And Lynn, the computer geek from previous books, is making a much bigger appearance than I thought she would. She's becoming the heroine - long distance, but still.