Monday, July 3, 2017

Why Publish in Print?

You know, I wish I had the answer.  I still publish in print, despite the fact that I haven't sold a print copy of a book in over a year.  In fact, the print copy of Natural Causes should be available soon - good lord willin' and the crick don't rise.  (And the reason it's months after the ebook release is exactly the fact that I haven't sold many print books and it ain't cheap getting these without anything to show for the expense.)

I guess part of the reason why I publish in hardcopy is because I like print books.  I especially like holding a print copy of my books in my hands.  I like petting them and smelling them and thumbing through them.  It's a thing.

Another part of it is that I read somewhere that having a print copy available - even if buyers choose ebooks instead - adds legitimacy to the book.  :shrug: I'm not sure if that's true, but I do know that with sales off the way they are, I'm willing to try. 

Another part of it that offering free copies of print books is supposed to help with sales and reviews.  Sometimes yes, sometimes no.  If they actually read the book and want to read more of my stuff, they can find all the books in the back of either print of ecopies of my books.  And if they actually read the book they received free, they could possibly write a review.  (Umm, except for that one gal who got a copy free through Goodreads and put it up for sale almost immediately as a New, Signed copy.  Good luck unloading that, lady.)

In truth, I'm not sure what having paper copies of my books actually does for me.  Other than the expense of copies and shipping, it doesn't hurt to try.  Who knows, maybe the wiser heads are right and they really do help.  Either way, I have physical proof I wrote books for after I'm dead, right? 

What do you think? 

And, if you want a copy of the version of Blood Flow with the original cover say "pick me" in the comments.  I'll draw a name or two at the end of the week.  


  1. My print sales are actually strong, both US and UK. But I think it's because my demographic is a lot older than yours is.

    Another advantage of print is that it makes our ebook price look like a bargain in comparison :)

    Hope you have a great week!

  2. You go to book cons, readers want print copies. Have you ever thought about attending some of those? Rust City Book con is for all genres and is held in Detroit in August. Might be too late to be an author this year, but could be something to think about next year. Don't you have family in Michigan somewhere? :)

  3. I keep print copies for the few contests I enter and to give away in gift baskets and such. I sell maybe one or two copies of my self-pubs a year. My HQ books sell far more in print, but that's the demographic for the most part. I'm finally getting around to getting my last two MC books ready for print. That was on the list for this weekend. Yeah...just call me Sluggo...

  4. I agree the cost of a pbook makes the ebook look like a bargain. I put pbooks on my website and on Etsy, but I've only sold one novel - and that to a friend.

    But I hope to get to the point where people love an ebook so much they order the pbook as a keepsake. :-D

    Heck, pick me. I'll drag together the courage to read it, no matter how much the subject creeps me out!