Monday, July 10, 2017

At the Editor, Time for Stats

Hey Everyone!  Since I got Wish Hits the Fan off to the editor last night, I thought it might be fun to run down some stats for you.

So, Wish Hits the Fan (Once Upon a Djinn #4) is currently sitting at 62990 words (or 62969 in .doc form - why that's different I'll never know) and 222 pages.  This is, of course, the third draft of the book, so let's back up a bit.

The first draft of the book was only 47859 and 179 pages.  I finished that on February 25th of this year.

The second draft was 58339 words and 205 pages.  I finished that on June 26th.

Then, because I had dragged my feet all of the month of May, which put me behind so that I didn't get the 2nd draft done until the end of June, I beat myself with a stick and cranked through to get the 3rd draft done today.

It wasn't due to her until tomorrow, so we're starting the clock then.  JC has promised me a 3 week turnaround.  So, July 31st?  Fingers crossed it doesn't have too much wrong with it, so I can turn it back in to her quick.  I'm still looking at September, but the quicker I get it done, the earlier in September this will be in your hands.  Yay!

Now, one of these days I'm going to have to keep track of the hours I actually put in on one of these things.  I know for the past few days, I started working on the edits around 7am.  And I usually finished up around 8pm, on average.  BUT, and it's a big but, I don't work straight through.  I work for a while, break, work some more, break, call my mom/go fishing, work some more, do chores, work... you get the idea.  All told, though, it took me about an hour to enter a page worth of edit notes, and there were 19 of those to change the 2nd draft into the 3rd draft.  And, it took me about an hour to make a page of edit notes.  So, figure about 38 hours over the course of about two weeks.

Ugh, it felt like more, but unless I missed something somewhere, that's it.  Plot holes fixed, typos eradicated to the best of my ability, continuity issues smoothed. 

All I know is that when I finished last night, I felt like a deflated balloon.  And tired.  Now I can rest... a little... before I jump into my next project.  What that will be... your guess is as good as mine.  I had a wonderful idea for a new book when I was trying to nap yesterday afternoon, but it was gone by the time I got up.  D'oh.

Doncha hate when that happens?


  1. Yay for Wish Hits the Fan and AWE!

    I so hate it when I have a great idea and lose it before I wake up. But then, I've written whole books in my dreams. Bestsellers, of course. If only I could remember them! LOL!

  2. I keep a little notebook with attached pen under my pillow. And I make myself write it down. The only writing I got done yesterday (on a very future project) was a 1K scene that came about because I wrote six sentences from the heroines POV the night before. (At like 1 a.m.) LOL

    Oh, and YAYAYAYAY on WHTF in JC's very capable hands!