Tuesday, April 5, 2016

I'm a Little Off

I'm a little off in more ways than one, but today I'm referring to the time-space continuum. 

Yeah, it's Tuesday.  Yeah, I forgot yesterday was Monday.  In my defense, I'm under deadline and I really have to get this edit pass of Fertile Ground done by the end of the day Saturday.  So that's pretty much all I have on my mind.  Editing.  And cover art.  It's almost exactly right on both fronts. 

Anyway, sorry for the dearth of posts here this week.  But you want the book, right?  Well, I assume you want the book and you want witty posts, too, but that ain't happenin' this week. 

I'll try to do something interesting tomorrow.  Well, today so that it's scheduled for tomorrow.  Maybe. 

I have about 80 pages worth of line edits left and then I have to go back and fix some things A.W.E. suggested in her edit letter.  By Saturday.  Totally doable, if I keep my head down.  Then she gets the manuscript again for 3 weeks so she can nitpick and find all the little things.  Then a couple weeks for me to fix that stuff, do another read-through, get it formatted, and get it uploaded for pre-order. 

If I set the release date for May 26th, I have to have it ready for pre-order by the 16th.  Totally doable. I think. 

Gah.  I still have to do a blurb for this sucker.  :adds that to the to-do list:

Question: Would you rather have a pre-order and then a firm release date, or would you rather I just loose it into the world and have it go live whenever Amazon gets around to it?  (I think they give like a 48 hour window without pre-release.)


  1. For a book I've been waiting for, I prefer the pre-order option so I can adjust the book budget and get it in my queue. There have been books on my list that were released when I wasn't looking and I missed them for a period of time so couldn't help the author get that important boost on "opening day."

    That said, there are some best-selling indies who just release their newest. All their fans know its coming at some point. Case in point, I woke up to an email today stating the last book in a series I'd been waiting on released overnight. I snagged it first thing. But if I hadn't been "following" that author on Amazon, I wouldn't have known the exact release. Up until now, every time I saw mention of the book, I'd go check and it wasn't even listed on Amazon. *shrug* YOU, I'm going to find and buy whenever/however.

    From a marketing standpoint, having a date certain does allow for a marketing plan that's concrete.

    And now I must return to my own deadline projects. After I get more coffee...

    1. Thanks for the input, Silver! And thanks for all the awesome support you've given me. :hugs: I'm so glad you enjoy my books. =o)

      Marketing plan? :blink blink: Umm, yah, I'm supposed to have one of those things, aren't I? That would probably help sales.

      Good luck with your own deadlines! And yes, more coffee. Always more coffee. Unless it's late and I actually want to sleep - then it's juice.