Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Cheese and Whine and a Pep Talk

There seems to be a case of the blues going around.  Not sure what's behind it all.  I just know that right now, I'd rather be doing anything else than working.  (As proven by how clean my house is and how my personal to-do list is growing exponentially.)

And suddenly everything on TV is a better idea than sitting here working.

And I spent yesterday morning eating EVERYTHING.  (Okay, not everything, but breakfast, lunch, lunch, dessert, snack -- all before noon was a bit much.)

And I spent yesterday afternoon getting ready for my daughter's potential visit.  In six weeks. Which we aren't even certain will happen yet.

And I've decided to paint the bathroom.  Mine. The one that I've talked about painting for the past three years.


Total motivation breakdown.  Wah.

Why, yes, I would like some cheese to go with that whine. 

So, anyway, I got to thinking last night that this is a business.  And if I look at this as a business, then I am the head honcho around here, as well as being the peon.  If I was the head honcho of a business and a peon was walking around grousing about how much work sucks and how I'd rather be doing anything else (and taking naps in the breakroom), I'd kick that peon's lily-white ass.  Or fire her. 

Since I can't fire her.  I decided to kick her in the ass.  Nobody said this would be a freakin' waltz in the wildflowers.  Nobody gives a rat's furry gray butt if I'm in a funk. Nobody's bringing presents to my personal pity party. The work's still got to get done.  Deadlines need to be met.  People are expecting me to meet the deadlines I set.  Readers are expecting me to keep my promise of having this damn book out in May. 

And the next book out in August - because I gave my word.  And the next book out this fall sometime - because I said so.

Ain't got time for no blues.  "Suck it up, buttercup," says CEO me to peon me.

Which is exactly what I started to do.  I'm edited up to page 20 as of the time I wrote this post last night.  (Which doesn't seem like much, but the way I've been feeling, it's huge.)

Oh, the bathroom will still get painted, but this book will release on time, too.  Even if the Kid will be visiting right smack in the middle of prepping for release.  Even if the house turns into a total mess.  I made a commitment.  And if I have to drag my sorry ass into this chair and sit here kvetching over every freakin' edit under my breath, than I will do so because it will mean it's getting done.

It's not over.  Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? No!

Now, who's with me?  Let's Gooooooooooooo!

And if I fall off the wagon, feel free to poke me in the ass.


  1. As I spent the Easter holidays sick as a dog, I'm grateful for the motivational speech, thank you. Although I'm back at work, I'm a weak as a kitten and in danger of falling asleep every time I stop for a second. Month end is coming and I've got masses to do, so no time for slacking. If you catch me nodding off though, just give me a nudge.

  2. Meant to say, sorry for the long delay in getting to it, but I started In Deep Wish last night. 50% through already!

  3. I feel your meh and will pour another glass of whine to go with the stinky cheese. I'm not even getting anything else done. I'm in a blue funk and will kick my ass soon. No, really. I will. Soon. You know that fight scene that's pretty much the end of the current WIP? Yup, been starin' at that page for over a week now. I did critique my CPs project, but dragged my feet on it for different reasons. :-P

    Okay, I'm definitely pouring another cup of coffee, getting off the freakin' internet, and going to work. Soon...

  4. You go, girl! You'll do it all!

    Since I'm running two other businesses that pay the bills (mostly), I need to keep them at the top of my priority list, but I plan to carve out more time (um, some time) for writing.

    At least the silly website is FINISHED! Hooray!

  5. The Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?

    Gee... When I get the writing blues, I don't clean. Wish I did. This place could use a good cleaning! :)