Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Interesting Stuff

Okay, time for an update... if you think those are interesting.  I know I do, but that's me. 

Here's how 2016 is playing out for me so far.

Books sold total: 143.41
Books free total: 3317

Umm, yeah.  That's lopsided, but believe me when I say that without those free books, I probably wouldn't have sold as many as I did.

Dying Embers is still my most sold title, but not the most sold this year.  That goes to Wish in One Hand - because I dropped the price and advertised.  Amazing how that works.  DE is still the leader in dollars earned, though.  With Accidental Death coming in a close second.  Blood Flow is my least sold this year - both in numbers and in dollars.  :wah wah: 

In Deep Wish is doing okay out of the gate, but not as well as I would've expected.  I mean, if I sold x-number of Wish in One Hand, it should follow that I would sell the sequel to at least a fraction of those buyers.  :shrug: 

I haven't done much in the way of advertising.  Which shows in the data.  I don't have anything planned.  I should.  I do know that.  I just don't.  I'll think on that some when I pull my head out of my manuscript this weekend.

Any questions?  Comments?  How's the year going for you?


  1. My sales have been down since last fall--so low in fact that I have no profit margin left with which to advertise. Ah well. I hope late summer and fall will be better when I have novellas coming out set in NYT authors' Kindle Worlds. We'll see.

    My experiment to make books available on all sales channels is pretty much a bust. I think I've made like $5.00 on two full-length novels that are priced at $3.99, and by full-length, I mean over 90K words. Getting traction is like a sports car with racing slicks driving on black ice. Wheee.

    Still, not only is writing my career, it's my avocation. I can't NOT write. So...back to the grindstone until I find the magic bean.

  2. Profit margin? I hope to someday have some of that. LOL

    Seriously, though, that totally sucks. And I don't understand it because your books rock. Fingers crossed that the turn upwards comes soon. And that your KW ventures turn out to be cash cows.

    Yeah, my expanded distribution pretty much blew chunks, too. I'm taking In Deep Wish and Wish in One Hand back to KDP Select this weekend. Well, whenever B&N lets go. It took them three days to implement a price change the other day. Ugh, I'm getting to where I hate B&N. Yeah, getting any kind of forward momentum is difficult on the best days, and these ain't the best days.

    What you said goes for me, too. I can't just stop, so off I go. Here's hoping the magic beans are plentiful this year.