Friday, March 25, 2016

Accidental Death is Free!

Happy Good Friday!  Or Happy Spring Solstice!  Or just happy End of the Week!  However you want to celebrate.  In honor of the day, Accidental Death is free today and tomorrow.  If you haven't snagged a copy, go forth and do so.  Spend some time with Dennis Haggarty as he tries to figure out why so many people in such a small town are dropping like flies.

Detective Dennis Haggarty arrives in Serenity, CO to attend a funeral, not investigate homicides. But finding a corpse on the mortuary lawn wasn’t in his plans either. The townsfolk may be willing to ignore the facts, but Dennis can’t avoid doing his job—especially after his instincts tell him it’s murder.

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It's free in other countries, too, but I didn't want to overload the page with links.  I hope you'll look for it in whatever Amazon country you're in.  =o)

Enjoy!  And if you'd like to leave a review, that'd be awesome.  Thanks!

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