Monday, December 21, 2015

Because It's Christmas Week

Because it's the days leading up to Christmas, I'm going to take a break from talking about work - which means no informational posts, no marketing posts, and no mayhem posts.  Just quiet enjoyment of life in general. 

I will say to look for a special post on Christmas that will be kinda markety, but fun.  (At least, I think it'll be fun.  But I'm not a typical person, so your mileage may vary.)

Today, tell me something you have that you would want under your tree if you didn't already have it.  For me, last year, my husband gave me the gift of supporting me in my decision to self-publish.  He's giving it to me again this year.  Yay.  But if I didn't have that gift, I sure would be happy to see it under the tree.  With a pretty bow.

How about you?


  1. Apart from the usual world peace, freedom from hunger and goodwill to all, I'd like a new car stereo system with the jack for my ipod and a USB port. I love listening to audio books on long journeys but my current radio/cd player keeps turning itself on & off, jumps all over the place when you go over a bump and funks up the sound.

    Oh and if I could have the little pill that sheds 30lbs of body fat .... ..... .... *sigh*

  2. I just want a year with everyone healthy. Last Christmas I was down with the flu and the holidays were pretty much a blur and sorta "ugly" as a result. This year, my SiL's stroke is still affecting her (and my BiL) deeply and there are new worries about LG's health. But both kids have good jobs, Stormageddon is smart and funny and a bundle of energy, and I haven't run out of stories to write. All things considered, I'm good.

    Though Fran's little pill would be cool! LOLOLOL

  3. Something I HAVE that I would want under the tree if I didn't have it? Well... I ordered a new laptop last week, but I don't physically have it yet. Does that count?

    Or...better yet. To not have to work at a "day" job. I love having control of my days. Now, if I could only make a living with my writing! One day. One day. :)