Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Sales Goal Giveaway

Sitting here this morning trying to figure out how to word this giveaway so people don't get the wrong impression...

1000 Books Giveaway?  Umm, not giving away 1000 books. No way, no how.
1K Giveaway? Umm, not giving away 1K of anything. 
Sales Goal Giveaway.  May not be exciting sounding but at least it's accurate. 

I reached a sales goal I didn't know I would have at the beginning of the year.  As of this morning, people paid for 1000 of my books - in one form or another. 

795 ebooks
183 KU books
22 hardcopy books

And so I thought a giveaway would be a good idea.  Soooo, comment on this post before the end of the year (11:59pm CST on 12/31/15 - which is the end of my year) and you'll be entered to win a hardcopy of any one of my books - if you live in the US.  If you're outside the US and I draw your name, you'll win a PDF copy of any one of my books and I'll mail you a postcard from that book. 

That's about as equitable as I can make it.  I lurve all my fans worldwide, but shipping rates are killer for non-US bound packages. And Amazon won't let me buy ebooks for other countries.

So come celebrate with me.  Leave a comment.  Tell your friends.  Have friends leave a comment. 


  1. Congrats on the 1K! That's a terrific goal to reach. :) Don't put me in the drawing. I already have all your books and love each and every one of them! But I will shake pom-poms, throw confetti, toot a horn, and lift a glass of the bubbly in your honor! Here's to an even better 2016!

    1. Thanks, Silver! Duly noted. Of course, you could win and then send it to someone else. Just sayin'. Thanks for the pompoms and bubbly! And definitely an even better 2016 for us both! :hugs:

  2. Yay for reaching 1000! That's a great first year! I know you'll do even better next year.

    I do want to be in the giveaway, please. :-)

  3. What fantastic news! The 1000 sale not the giveaway, although that's kind of fab too. Many congratulations of such an achievement. I'm at work just now, but when I get home I'll definitely raise a glass of something bubbly in your honour - even if it's only diet coke! Happy Christmas to you and all your readers.