Monday, August 31, 2015

Sales and Junk

I said yesterday over at The Writing Spectacle that I would talk about sales and junk here today, so here I am. 

Sales to date: 850
Dying Embers - 454
Accidental Death - 379
Wish in One Hand - 17

Weeks since publication:
DE - 29
AD - 15
WE - 2

I'm averaging 4.08 books per day overall.

As for the junk, it's marketing stuff.  Now, understand that I have know way of directly linking my marketing efforts to sales - except for the big jumps I see after I place an ad with ENT.  From those two ads, I got 508 sales at the .99 price point (some with the 35% royalty and some with the 70% royalty.)  Here are some of the other places I've had ads:

Omnimystery News - both paid ads and free 'articles'
Ereader News Today
Every Writer Resource

I'm going to assume, since my rankings have jumped here and there, that some of those ads turned into KU borrows - which later turned into 'sales' after being read.  Speaking of that, KU has accounted for approximately 127 books 'sold'. BTW, Accidental Death has been big with the KU crowd.  Yay.  I hope to see similar numbers down the road for Wish in One Hand and Dying Embers.

Again, thank you for all of your support.  I'm chugging right along and should have a fourth book out in November - good lord willin' and the creek don't rise.


  1. Those are good number for basically a debut author with three books out. You are writing in crowded genres so any traction is good. People will start to notice the books and sales will pick up. You write quality, interesting stories. Readers will find you. It's just a slow, frustrating process.

    KU (under the new payout system) has been an absolute boon for me. I'm considering pulling the one book I have on all platforms so I can put it into KU. It's sure not making me anything across the board.

    Have a great week!

  2. Thanks, Silver. I know they're good for someone like me. Of course, I would like more. Always more. Thanks for saying that! It's less frustrating with friends like you around. :hugs:

    Yep, KU is awesomesauce. So far. I'll stick with it.

    You, too!