Wednesday, August 5, 2015

The Production Schedule

Yesterday, I went out and about in the world with my swag to see how my local fans responded to news of the next book.

There was some squeeing, some yaying, and a couple curious responses.  The first makes me wonder if I have a typo on my postcard somewhere.  "How many of these do you get printed at one time?"  I'll address that one after I've had some more coffee.

The next made me wonder how the average person is perceiving my books with this production schedule I've created.  "Wow.  Another book?  Already?"  The look in her eyes seemed skeptical to me.  Like 'how it is even possible' and had me wondering whether she was thinking I couldn't possible put out this many books in one year and have them all still be good.  (Yeah,  I might've read more into that than was there, but I do tend to overthink interpersonal interludes.)

Of course, I explained that since I have been writing books for ten years, I have a lot of books in the hopper ready to move forward - with professional editing and cover art, of course.  She didn't seem convinced.  Especially after I told her I plan on a fourth book this year. :shrug:

If you received my newsletter*, you know the upcoming production schedule.  It's at the end of the email - right above how to contact me.  Anyway, here's this quarter's 'Future Stuff' section:

In near future stuff, my fourth book - the one I am currently referring to as Bloodflow - is under way and should be ready for a November launch.  It's another suspense, but more in the techological / political vein.  Government conspiracies, kick ass good guys, evil villains.  I can't wait to share it with all of you.

Further down the road, the production schedule still looks something like this in 2016:

Winter: Fifth book - In Deep Wish (Djinn 2) (paranormal suspense)
Spring: Sixth book - SCIU 2 (suspense) or Dennis Haggarty 2 (mystery)
Summer: Seventh book - Up Wish Creek (Djinn 3) (paranormal suspense)
Fall: Eighth book - Whichever book didn't go live in the Spring.

You see, of the books in the future schedule, two are already written.  This year, all the books were already written and simply needed to be edited.  That tends to make things a lot quicker.  The other two books for next year are each started and written partway through.  Those should be easy enough to complete and slide right into the schedule. 

So no worries about me rushing, or the quality of the work taking a hit.  K?  This is just how I roll.  I will not put out work I don't feel is the best possible work I can offer you.  Hopefully, you'll agree.

*If you have signed up for my newsletter, but did not get a copy on Saturday morning, please let me know.   If you'd like a copy, ask.  I can forward mine.  If you'd like to sign up for the next newsletter - due in November - go here.

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  1. RWA is doing a writing challenge. I think I put down 100K words for the year. I'm already way past that, and that doesn't include the books partially written or previously written and needing edits. Don't let what they think worry you. You write good stuff. Write at your pace, publish at your schedule and enjoy the ride! :D