Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Weird Wednesday - Unusual Decor

It's easy to decorate your property if you know where to shop. 

One woman in West Virginia decided the best place to get decor for her property was a local family cemetery.  She went through and stole headstones to line her burn pit.  And concrete angels.  And other graveside decor.

Unfortunately for her, it wasn't her family's cemetery and she had no right to take the things inside it. 

Obviously, she has mental issues. She burned down her own house, for petesakes. 

And she's threatened to burn down her neighbors' houses, too.  So why she wasn't locked up ages ago escapes me. 

Here's the best article I could find on the subject.  I originally found out about the news story through's FB page.  (A great resource for locating distant relatives' final resting places.)

Finally, I realize that in this case, the thief was mentally ill, but it does bring to mind a point: Why can't people understand the simple idea that if something doesn't belong to them, they don't touch it?  Doesn't matter what it is.  It blows my mind that they can't grasp the concept.  How about you?


  1. I've never understood vandalism, theft, or any of the other idiotic (and often juvenile) actions of people who should know better. The stupidity, it burns! I don't know if it's a snes of entitlement, a lack of personal responsibility, victimology, or what but I just mostly pisses me off. And if I was that lady's neighbor? I'd be demanding a Baker Act hearing on her ASAP!

  2. When my eldest son was about 12, I was out in the shopping centre with him and 3-4 of his mates. The shop we were in had a sweetie display where you lift the lid on the clear bins and use a scoop to take the amount you want. We were just breezing through this area on the way to the exit when they all veered off, picked out a sweetie or 2, stuffed their faces and marched out the door. Well I blew my stack, but I could only chastise my son. He hadn't quite got the sweet to his mouth so I was able to stop him. All the lads said "but everyone does it" and I told him & them I didn't care about anyone else, I cared about him and taking anything that doesn't belong to you is stealing even if it's only a sweet. I told him (and made them all listen) that if I ever caught him stealing again, I'd not only make him apologise to the shopkeeper, but hand over his entire month's pocket money (a serious threat at that age). I found out later I'd scared the pants off his mates and they made sure never to pinch sweeties again - just in case I was watching. It might have been trivial stuff but its the principle. Stealing is stealing, doesn't matter if its a sweet or a car. Not exactly hard to comprehend is it?