Monday, June 15, 2015

Stuff and Junk Monday

Since I'm drawing a blank for a cohesive post today, here goes nothin'.

Today, Dying Embers' ad went up at Indie Author News.  It's in the right sidebar about 6 ads down.  It'll be up for a week.

No news yet on the ad I'm supposed to have at a place called Every Writer Resource.  I got their name off a list of advertising site at Galleycat, so I expect they're legit.  Maybe they're just jammed.  We'll see.

I got a direct Twitter message from another advertising place.  Looks legit.  I'll check them out and let y'all know.

As I said on Twitter this morning: "Ever notice when squirrels eat, they look like they're praying? My backyard looks like a cult of furry corn worshipers."  (Yes, if you read it there, I forgot the question mark.  Dammit.)

And that's all this sleep-deprived, coffee junkie has this morning.  Any questions?  What's up in your world?

1 comment:

  1. Page 139 of 193 and the siege continues. Negotiations have turned hostile so the hostage negotiator is going to slurp one more cup of coffee then get dressed and desert her post to run errands. Let those stubborn pages sit and stew for a bit. We'll show them! Ha!

    I'm sorry. What was the question? Oh, yes. It's Monday. And squirrels do look like they're praying over those sunflower seeds. Hrm...what do they know we don't? *wanders off in search of a fresh source of coffee*