Wednesday, May 13, 2015


I'll try to make this quick.

1)  Dying Embers is in the Kindle Unlimited program for one more day.  If you belong to Kindle Unlimited and want this for free, get it today.  If you're not, or you miss today, it's available for 99 cents at least through the month of May. 

2)  I will be looking into making this book available at other outlets besides Kindle.  Give me time.

3)  I have the final proofreading edits for Accidental Death and will be working on them today.  With all luck, I should have this available for pre-order today or tomorrow.  Which means the ecopy will definitely be available on Monday, May 18th.

4)  With any luck, the print copy of Accidental Death will be available by the end of the month.

5)  For those newsletter subscribers who will receive a PDF advanced copy (one of the perks of being a newsletter subscriber is getting these kinds of opportunities, btw), I'll have those out by the end of the week.

6)  Hubs and I went fishing yesterday - which was awesome and just the brain break I needed.  However, sitting on the rocks and cement has left me a little achy in the back and hips, so I'm moving slow and I'm a little cranky.  I keep forgetting this body will be 45 on Monday, so I do things like I was still 25, and then it spends the next few days reminding me I'm not a kid anymore.  To which I reply... =op

Other news and updates as they come. 


  1. Flashing a big, ol' thumbs up for ticking off your to-do list! And yay for brain days and fishing.

  2. Looking forward to AD and will pop over to Amazon later to pre-order. Your bod may be 45 young 'un, but mine will be 55 next month and I still expect it to do all the things it used to. I just spent the weekend with some friends who have 2 boys, 4 & 16 months and I ache in places I forgot I have. I also forgot just how much energy you need with little kids and how "full on" they are. Thankfully I'm now home and recovering!