Saturday, May 16, 2015

Books, Books, Books... I'm Addicted

Hi.  My name is B.E. and I'm addicted to buying books.  I've been to my dealer twice in the past week.  She knows what I like and she has the goods, baby.

I thought I had the habit kicked.  Lord knows, I have enough books already... heh, as if... and if I started reading what I already have and read them straight through at my usual rate of 100 a year, it would take me probably 3-6 years to read them all.  (With time off for good behavior.)

True, I haven't read many books in the past month.  This always occurs when I'm getting ready to launch a book.  But now that Accidental Death is out there, I have time.  Time to read.  Ahhh.  (Unfortunately, that phrase brings to mind that episode of The Twilight Zone where Burgess Meredith is the only man left on Earth and has all the time in the world to read, but then he breaks his glasses. :shudder:)

Anyway, there's this little bookstore near here.  Used books.  A favorite fix for my addiction.  Old used books.  :sniff sniff snort inhale passoutfromecstasy:  I picked up three Mickey Spillanes, a copy of The Thin Man by Dashiell Hammett, two Ray Bradburys, and an author I've never heard of but whose post-apocalyptic premise sounds awesome.  They're on the shelves with the haul I got last week from my dealer - the first three Dragonlance books, a couple SF by Sarah A. Hoyt, and... and...

You know, the first sign of an addict is an inability to remember the details of their last hit. 

Another sign is when you're on your way somewhere else, but you see your dealer and then the other errands get forgotten.  Like stopping by the library where I had planned on donating a copy of Dying Embers.  The library will still be there next time I'm in town.  Too bad I have to pass the book shop on the way there.  Every freakin' time.

Of course, I don't actually need to go anywhere to get my jones on.  Amazon one-click gives me the rush I crave - just not as sweet as holding a used book in my hand.  I picked up a couple books there last week, too.  Night Shift by Silver James, and Hit and Run by Allison Brennan and Laura Griffin.  I was treating myself.  Too bad, that's where the bender originated.

And this morning, I get a notification that a book I had my dealer keeping an eye out for arrived in the store yesterday after I left.  Crap.  It'll take tremendous willpower not to drive down there today - even though it's a book I've already read and have in Kindle format.  It's just one of my favorite books, in the original cover.  I just want it to have on my shelf, so I can pet it when I want to.


Hi.  I'm B.E. and I'm a book buying addict.

The first step, or so I've heard, is admitting you have a problem. 


  1. I got hooked bad on Donald Westlake for a while. Dortmunder. Oh oh, I've said too much. Sorry.

  2. I've "officially" read 101 books this year. That does not include the 21 books I've read for contests that I can't disclose until after the contest. I finished two since 5/14. And I'm sitting here scrolling through my Kindle looking for my next read. I have books not read before. But it's old favorites singing siren songs of "You know you love me!" (even though I've read them countless times before...)

    Hello, my name is Silver and I'm sitting in the chair next to you drinking coffee and comparing notes on what to buy next. LOLOL

  3. Hello, my name is Deb, and I'm sitting in the circle with B.E. and Silver.

    Thank goodness the used bookstore is 30 miles away. I don't dare get an eReader. I'd never get *anything* done. ;-)

  4. Glad to have all y'all here with me at the Book Buying Addicts meeting. Have a donut and some coffee. ;o)

  5. Hiya my name is Fran and I'm a self-confessed book addict. I'm on 129 books read so far this year, 44 of which are re-reads. About 80% have been e-books although I do love the feel, smell and pure tactile pleasure of a real book. I have 6 books shelves of varying sizes, all of which have been double stacked with books, and that's not to mention my sewing/patchwork/applique books which are stacked in my sewing cupboard. Yep, I'm a book addict, so make room in that circle for me please.