Sunday, February 3, 2013

Lucky Sevens Sunday Snippet - Monster Hunter International pg 7

Hey everybody!  Welcome to Lucky Sevens Sunday Snippet. 

In case you're new here, the Lucky Sevens Sunday Snippet usually goes like this... Pick a manuscript, go to a page ending in the number 7, find a snippet on there you'd like to post, and post it to your blog.  Leave a comment here so I know to go look at yours.

Today I'll be mixing it up a little and sharing a snippet of a book I love (I mean, one that someone else wrote - I love all my own books).  AND I'll be giving the book away to one super lucky person at the end of the week.  :muppetflail:

This morning the book is Monster Hunter International by Larry Correia.  It's pretty wicked awesome - so much so that after I bought this, I read everything else he had out and am now buying his new releases like they were super-expensive gourmet cheesecake on sale for 99 cents.

And now, without further blathering, I present MHI - page 7.  In this first scene, Owen is working late when he discovers his employer with a severed woman's hand...

...Holy crap! My boss wasn't just run-of-the-mill crazy.  I was working for a serial killer.

The naked, crazy, fat man pointed out the window. "The time has come!  Tonight I am a god!" he squealed.

His sausagelike finger was pointing at the full moon.

As I watched in the pale lunar glow and the yellowish backdrop of the city lights, that finger seemed to stretch.  The hands began to elongate, and the fingernails blackened and spread...

Poor Owen.  He really never expected that monsters were real, but once he discovers they are, the fun ensues.  And now it's ensued through 4 totally awesome books.  (Still waiting for Monster Hunter Legion to come out in paperback, but that's my burden.)

If you want a chance at this copy of this spectacularly incredible book, leave a comment here.  I'll draw a name next Sunday morning and send this puppy winging its way to the lucky winner.  And if you don't win, for godsakes, go buy this man's books.  I have a serious writerly crush on the guy.  And if you really really like him, use the links on his Wordpress page to buy his books - because I think he gets a little extra fundage that way, too.

Other players:

Silver James with a snippet of her upcoming book Bride's Moon.


  1. I really need to check out his books. Maybe this spring when things calm down and I have "free" reading time.

    Today, I'm playing along. I posted a bit from BRIDE'S MOON, my next Moonstruck book which I hope will be out this week. In the meantime, enjoy part of page 17-ish...

  2. Ah, free reading time. I have it now, but it's fleeting. I hope you do find time to read Larry's books. They're pretty awesome.

    And great snippet this week, Silver. I can't wait to snag a copy of Bride's Moon!

  3. I'd never heard of this author. Thanks for sharing!

  4. You're welcome, JB. If you try his books, I hope you like them. =o)

  5. Like JB, I've never heard of this author, so thanks for sharing him with us, B.E.!

    Sunday got away from me - didn't get a chance to post or check out other snippets (off to read Silver's now). Maybe I'll be better organized next week!!

  6. Yay! I love when I can point out authors people haven't heard of. =o) Don't sweat it, Janet. Life happens.