Sunday, January 27, 2013

Lucky Sevens Sunday Snippet - Sleeping Ugly pg 7

Okay, I'm tiptoeing out this week with a snippet of the very raw first draft of my WIP - Sleeping Ugly - so don't expect scintillating prose.

If you're not familiar with Sleeping Ugly (and why would you be - this is too new) the basic premise is a supermodel who wakes up after a one-night stand to find she's turned ugly overnight.  Throughout the day Jeni becomes herself again, but sometime between closing her eyes and opening them the next morning, she's ugly again.  The only explanation she can come up with is that a witch has cursed her - but which one.  And why?

At pg 7 in the story, the guy she slept with has just shown up at her place several morning's later when she's at her ugliest.  He doesn't recognize Jeni, so she uses that to try and get some information from him.  Turns out he's got a problem, too, and he thinks Jeni's the cause...

“Hair of the dog?  I think we both need to stay away from the joy juice for now.”  I took a chair opposite the man.  “Now tell me what you think she did to you.  I swear it won’t leave the room.”

“I don’t care about that.  No one would believe you anyway.”

I thought about my own situation.  “I totally understand.”

“Did she do something to you?  Is that why you’re…?”

He didn’t need to finish the sentence and I appreciated him not doing so. 

“As far as I know, she didn’t do a damn thing to make me this way,” I said.  “Could be she didn’t do anything to you either.”

“It’s not in my head.”

“That’s not what I’m saying.  I just think you have a problem and maybe Jeni isn’t the cause of it.”

“The hell she’s not.  The whole thing started after I slept with her.  She has to be the cause.  If she isn’t…”

Then he was as screwed as I was when I realized he didn’t have anything to do with this damn curse.  Somehow, some way, we’d both pissed off someone either very powerful or very wealthy. 

“What?” he said and I realized I’d mumbled that last part out loud.  I still wasn’t sure I trusted Gus, but it seemed like we were traveling down shitcreek in the same boat.

The idea of the Lucky Sevens Sunday Snippet is to take a manuscript (doesn't have to be your own if you don't want - just make sure you're not violating someone else's copyright), go to any page ending in a 7, and paste a snippet of that into your blog.  After that, let me know, so I can add your link to the bottom of this post.  (If you don't have a blog, or don't want to post your snippet there, feel free to paste it in comments here.)  Easy peasy.

Have fun and enjoy!

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  1. This is shaping up very nicely, B.E. - love the twist about the guy also having an 'issue' and now want desparately to know what that is!!!

    I'm in this week - have posted a snippet from Lady Bells.

  2. :evil laugh: That would be tellin'.

    I love Lady Bells! Thanks for playing along, Janet. =o)

  3. I missed last week, but I'm back again. No idea if it's page x-seven, but no doubt there is a way of arranging the text so that it is, since it is a direct continuation of the story.

  4. Welcome back, Keith! Thanks for playing along. And don't worry - I'm not that married to the rules. They're just a fun way to organize something like this. =o)

  5. Oh! Interesting! I love the sound of this and like the voice. Good tease, I wanna know what his problem is!