Sunday, December 16, 2012

Lucky Sevens Sunday Snippet - Djinnocide pg 67

Welcome back for another installment of Lucky Sevens Sunday Snippet.

The rules are simple:  Go to any '7' page within the manuscript of your choosing - be it pg 7, or pg 27, or pg 207 - find a snippet you'd like to share and post it.

And if you play along, please let me know.  Also, link back here so everyone can see where this thing got started.  Thanks.

Today's snippet is from page 67 of my urban fantasy (paranormal suspense?) Djinnocide. Jo has just arrived at the workplace of an old friend - former pirate Mary Killigrew who, after she turned human, translated her life skills into a lucrative pawn/information brokering business.

Drawing her words out in a practiced tone of boredom, Eloise asked, “Buying, selling or pawning?” 

“Selling.” The lady pushed one gnarled hand into her hefty purse. 

I leaned against the jewelry case to watch the real-life Pawn Stars play out. Plus, pushing ahead of the store’s customers wouldn’t win me any points with Killigrew. Judging by the age of the ladies in front of me, my wait wouldn’t be a short one. I fully expected them to dither for the better part of an hour, at least. I didn’t expect the Complainer to pull a 9mm Beretta out of her bag. Suddenly I had other ideas about business and patience. I gathered my power around me, prepared to throw a shield around the crazy old bat before she hurt herself or someone else. The gun waving in Eloise’s face didn’t even make her blink. 

“You have to wait for the boss. She’s the only one who can buy stuff like that.” As she turned away from the armed granny, she adopted an expression so bored it surprised even me, and after years of dealing with people who lived centuries, I knew bored. “Ma-ry!”


  1. I really hope Djinnocide sells. I so want to read this book!

    Once Six Sentence Sunday is over next month, I'm really looking forward to playing here!

  2. Thanks, Silver. I can't wait to see your snippets, too. I know I've loved your 6SS posts. =o)