Friday, June 10, 2022

Making an Effort

In an attempt to do something, I'm making an effort to market again.  Not sure whether anyone knows this, but DYING EMBERS is only 99c and is now available from a variety of retailers.  

Anyway, here's the marketing copy I posted a short while ago*...

It's been ages since I did any marketing, so here goes...

When a string of deaths is linked together by a killer’s fiery signature, Agent Jace Douglas must face her fears and track down a murderer before another man is burned alive.

DYING EMBERS is available now from a variety of retailers for only 99c. Pick up your copy today!

With, ya know, this pretty pretty cover...

Anyway, I figured it was about time I got off my buns and tried to sell some books. I'll market some more later this morning. You know, after I get some sleep and have a cup of coffee... or five. ;o)

*No, this post wasn't scheduled. I was up at midnight. And since I was up, I figured I might as well do some marketing before my inner Piglet took over again.


  1. I'm sorry about the midnight thing. Yay for marketinng though. I was up at 2:30. The storm dragons decided to have a jousting tournament. Upset the dogs and I had to watch radar because...Oklahoma weather. Even in June. Finally got back to sleep but I forsee a nap in my future.

    Also, revisions on the last book is going. Not well but moving forward. Progress. Hope you sell some books! Oh, did you get the carrot cake made?

    I also need a coffee...or five. Totally.

    1. Eh, it is what it is. And I didn't even sleep in. I foresee a nap, too. Thanks for the hopes. And the shopping kind of tuckered me out, so carrot cake is today's goal. Enjoy your coffee!

  2. Dying Embers is a great book, and I love its cover. I hope you sell a thousand copies with this promotion!

  3. Thanks, Deb! I'll be happy if I sell a couple copies. =o)