Friday, March 25, 2022

Inspiration and Motivation

Inspiration:  This morning, Silver James did something special on her blog - she posted a music video and associated it with my new release: Song of Storm and Shroud.  It really hits the right spot for the story, and her doing that meant a lot to me.  Go check it out.  The gal in the video (the artist, really, playing a part) reminds me of one of the characters in the book, Fenwyn.  Totally awesome.

Motivation:  In other news, I got back to writing the sequel for SSS.  I'm about 2200 words in now.  Then last night as I was trying to sleep, I had a flood of ideas.  Three scenes worth.  I got up and wrote them down, so I'm definitely on a roll there.  Now I just need more people to buy the first book and give me the impetus to keep writing the second.  Book sales are incredibly motivating, doncha know.

Short post today.  Go read something.  ;o)


  1. You're very welcome, m'friend. I'm well aware how inspiration often comes from odd places. Frankly, I wasn't looking for any video in particular, just something for today's post and that one popped up in the feed. My brain went there and after watching it, I was like...WHOAH!!!! So glad it worked out.

    And yes, sales are VERY inspirational. So are reviews. I'll get mine done today because I love this book.

    Happy writing!

  2. Yay for new words and ideas!

    I put in my review last night. I want fantasy readers to buy and enjoy SSS!