Monday, June 14, 2021

Doing the Job

It seems like I've come around to that time again,  You know the time... when I sit here wondering why I bother to write books and wondering whether my time would be better spent  by getting a job outside the house.  

Of course, who would hire me?  I haven't worked outside my home in 17 years.  

Seventeen years...  I've been writing now for SEVENTEEN YEARS.  God, that's depressing.  

Yes, I know.  I have sixteen books published.  And umpteen others in various states of finished.  It's not like I haven't done anything.  But if I had an employee who was so sporadic in her efforts, I'd have fired her years ago.  Hit the road, you lazy bitch.

So, yeah, I looked at jobs.  Writing, editing, proofing... you need a degree.  Umm...  I don't have one of those.  And I haven't been able to write to spec since I worked for other people (and even then, it was like pulling teeth).  Editing/Proofing other people's work?  Well, that would be fine if it was for other people I like who write the stuff I like.  I'm at the point in my life where I can't stomach reading stuff I don't like written by people I don't like.  

Why yes, I would like some cheese...

Anyway, I'm thinking housekeeping would be an awesome job right now.  Loads of places around here - resorts and things - are hiring housekeepers and the pay isn't too bad.  

Or I could just get up off my lazy ass and get back to writing.  The pay sucks and the benefits are for shit, but it's my job.  Maybe I need to get back to treating it like one.


  1. I hear ya, sista! Been there, doing that. Don't want the T-shirt.

    Everyone is hiring. People don't want to go back to work because they're making more on unemploment. Too bad writers can't file for that nifty little perk. And you know what really p!$%e$ me off? Those same people b!+ch about the price of a book. Like OUR hard work isn't worth even as much as wait they make sitting on their arses all day.

    Okay. Climing off the soapbox. Preaching to the choir. I hope we both find our gumption and mojo and soon. Hugs m'friend.

  2. Write! Just go write! Please!

    Housekeeping is a crummy job. So is waitressing. Try them for a couple of weeks and you'll get far more enthusiastic about writing. I didn't last that long house cleaning (shudder), and a whole, endless summer waitressing. Neither job pays nearly enough for the misery!

  3. Hope you're able to get your writing mojo back! Slumps are the worst.