Wednesday, May 5, 2021


I was reading something on a friends's blog the other day that got me thinking...  

Whatever you write, make it the best you can make it because your name is going to be on it FOREVER.

This is why we edit and proofread.  This is why we spend countless hours and days writing and re-writing, throwing the words out there and then rewording them.  This is why we obsess over commas and crutch words.  This is why we plot and we plan and we get all neurotic.  

I don't understand people who slap something together and put it up on Amazon.  Maybe they're using pseudonyms so they don't have to worry about their name being on it.  Maybe they have no pride.  Maybe they just don't care. :shrug:

FOREVER.  It's a long damn time to have something out there in the world that you can't be proud of.  

Every story I put out there in the world is something I am proud of.  If a hundred years from now, one of my stories is discovered and read, I'm proud to have them do it.  

The writers I know and love care.  They're proud of their works.  They should be.

Keep writing.  Keep caring.  Keep putting the best stories out there that you possibly can.  Be proud of yourselves.  

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  1. Food for thought...and you're welcome. 😉

    You know I agree with you, and get frustrated like you when it appears a large majority of readers don't care about the quality, opting for quantity instead. I can't tell you the number of books I've started to read becuase they had massive amounts of raving ratings. And usually couldn't get past the first chapter.

    I applaud your effort to find those "hidden gems" out there--the underappreciated but well-written stories that should be in the limelight and aren't. I really should do more of that, and I have been trying (at until this round of weird headspace hit). Kudos to you!

    Now lets both write some cool words today that are worth editing and publishing. 😊