Monday, December 28, 2020

Once Upon a Djinn Sale Wrap-up

Gah I overslept.  And I didn't set this up beforehand, so bear with me.

I wanted to talk this morning about the sale that just wrapped up last night.  I'm not sure if any of this is interesting to anyone but me, but here goes...

The sale ran from 12/23 through 12/27.  Wish in One Hand was free and the other 3 genie books were 99c/99p each.  

Books moved:

WIOH - 82
IDW - 3
UWC - 3
WHTF - 3

No page reads yet. 

To achieve that, I posted to 16 different Facebook Groups, 2 MeWe groups, 3 FB pages I own, and my MeWe page.  I know of two different people who posted about my books as well.  

I made $5.82.

Now, before you think that's depressing news, it's actually not totally gloomy.  I mean, it isn't great, but looking on the bright side, that's pure profit there.  And it's more money than I made on books in five other months this year.  

(Yeah, I am blowing smoke up my own wahoo, but it's early and I don't feel like being bummed out, so there.  =op)

Anyway, there was a sale.  I moved some books.  There are 88 new chances out there in the world for people to read and enjoy my work.   Maybe the freebies will spark someone enough so they'll buy the rest of the series and then buy the model series and then the rest.  Fourteen other books for them to read.  Yay.

The rest of this week will be devoted to getting my 2021 spreadsheets up and running.  I might talk about that on Wednesday.  I'll also be writing on Duke Noble.  I rolled over 30K words last night.  Woohoo.

Now, on to more coffee before my brain implodes.

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  1. Coffee. CoffeecoffeecoffeecoffeCOFFEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Okay. I'm sorta ready for Monday. My freed days on BLOOD MOON got me all the way to #4 in one of the weird freebie categories. I don't remember how many free copies moved and I did sell a handful of other Moonstruck books. I only posted to my social media channels and one group that loves paranormal/wolf-in-particular books. Like you, hoping those freebies turn into sales or pages read.

    Don't know if I'll write this week or spend it doing bookish housekeeping. Maybe getting books ready for print? Or looking at open projects to see what catches my fancy. I plan on a series of "personal NaNos" this coming year. I need to write a Red Dirt book, a Penumbra book, and lots more Wolves. If I get inspired, I'll write. I'm also chaffing to rearrange my office but...UGH! Lots of sorting, dumping, and molving big furnature. It needs to be done but...LAZY@$$ here!

    It's Monday. It's going to be cloudy, chilly, and chance of freezy stuffs tonight. I need more coffee! Here's to a productive week for us all! Psst. Yay on the Duke words!