Monday, December 21, 2020

Friendly Ass Kicking

Okay, so Silver James yelled at me yesterday because I was whining about not writing (see Sunday Update and comments from The Writing Spectacle).  I thought about the book and how to get past where I was so I could move forward again.  Last night, I ended up with 1644 new words.  And I finished on a shocker I hadn't seen coming.  So... Thank you, Silver, for verbally kicking my ass.  I needed that.  

I also set up a sale for the genie books.  The first book is free from the 23rd to the 27th.  The others are all 99c for the same days.  Merry Christmas.

Anyway, as you can plainly see, sometimes I need my ass kicked.  Usually I kick my own ass.   This time, someone kicked it for me because I was, at that point, unable to.  That what friends are for.  

Maybe I need to do some friendly ass-kicking, too.  I have a couple of writer friends who aren't writing right now.  Both of them are awesome writers.  I've loved everything I've read from either of them.  I'd love to see more.  So...  If they're reading this, and I suspect they are, here's a message to them both:  Get your asses in gear and write me some more stories, dammit.  Don't make me thrash you soundly.  Your mothers were hamsters and your fathers smelt of elderberries*.  Write or I shall taunt you a second time.  

Not sure if that was sufficient to get either of them going again.  Maybe I'll sic Silver on both of them.  She's better at it than me.  

*If you haven't seen Monty Python and the Holy Grail, you really need to rent a copy**.  It's hilarious.

** do people even do that anymore?  Rent movies?  

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  1. They mostly stream movies now, though you can "rent" them from Amazon to stream on a computer or smart TV. And I live with to Python fanatics (LG and Only) so I know exactly where you are coming from.

    Also, I love you. You are a dear friend though we've never met face-to-face and I've watched your struggles all these years and totally get where you are coming from. I had a bit of luck along my way but it's still a struggle. You are talented. And it's a damn shame that people don't glom onto your books because they are full of all things awesome! So keep writing, m'friend. I'll buy them. I'll berate people to buy them. I've got your six, always!

    And yay on the word count. Sometimes we just need to shift our journey sideways for a few steps before we find the path to The End again. Lord knows Batman and Robyn led me a merry chase. If we still had snow, you'd see my tracks running in circles and zig-zags. LOLOL

    Hang in there. We got this life by the tail, right? Right!