Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Updates and Junk

I gave myself quite the pep-talk on The Writing Spectacle yesterday.  And I still am way short of my goal to have this done by the end of today.  We'll see what today brings.

Talking with my cover artist and she's all 'how do you want this laid out?' and I'm all like 'gah!'.  Then I went to the Top 100 Urban Fantasy list on Amazon and looked at what some of the bestsellers are doing for covers.  I kind of liked one and then kind of liked another.  The second one was the half-face thing, which I hadn't done before, so she sent me a mock-up.  Meh.  We're going with Jeni in the middle, my name on top, the title on the bottom.  With magical sparklies and stuff.  I found what I think is a good model for Jeni, in a pose that looks like she just woke up and isn't happy about it.  Should be fun.  Fingers crossed it draws in readers.  You'll see the cover when I approve it.

I have a sale set up starting Saturday for all the SCIU books.  99c or .99p each.  Thru the 28th.  And I got accepted for another ENT ad for Dying Embers.  It'll go out on Monday.  Fingers crossed on that, too.

I was at the doctor's office yesterday for my shot and the nurse, who I see every three months so we're pretty friendly, asked how the writing was going.  Then she asked some questions about how things work in the biz.  It was nice to talk about it to someone outside the biz who was really interested.  I just wish she had more time to read. 

Well, that's about it for the update today.  Any questions? 

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