Wednesday, July 4, 2018

More Marketing Stuff

I'm trying something a little different today.  I purchased an ad for Project Hermes (formerly Blood Flow) with Bargain Booksy and for once, I didn't lower the price.  However, since my books are all priced reasonably, it qualified. 

After the ad is over and the subsequent residuals (if there are any) have stopped, I will be raising the price of this book.  So, I guess, in a way, it is kind of a sale.  Buying it now will save you a buck or two.  (Haven't decided whether it'll be $3.99 or $4.99 yet.)

We'll see if I get enough sales to cover the $55 ad.  I need to sell roughly 27 copies.  Fingers crossed I sell more.  Fingers really crossed I sell enough that I don't want to kick myself for trying this.

Part of me thought 'July 4th... political suspense... Perfect.' and then another part thinks 'July 4th... nobody will be buying books today because they're all out celebrating'.  Time will tell which part is right.

The ad is live on their site and relatively near the top of the page (7th book down).  It'll go live in their newsletter sometime between 9am and noon eastern. 

And Happy Independence Day, folks!  I didn't forget.  I just put something up over at The Writing Spectacle instead of here.   This is the work blog, after all.  ;o)

Have a great day and be safe out there. 

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  1. Wishing you luck with the ad. I'm the "stay at home and read" type, and I'm sure there's a lot of us out there.

    Unfortunately, I'll be replacing my garbage disposal for much of the day. Wish me luck.