Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Facebook Marketing

On Monday, I said I might do a post about the various Facebook groups I use to market my on-sale books. 

In no particular order, here are the groups - some are public and some you have to belong to (which means sending a request to the group owners before you post, so no big deal)...

Amazon Kindle Goodreads - "This group is for people who own Amazon Kindle and want to share their recommendations for books they recent read and liked, or chat about their favorite authors etc."

Indie Authors International -  "READERS and WRITERS and ARTISTS from EVERYWHERE, across borders, without barriers. EVERYONE WELCOME."

eBook World -  "This is the group where authors and publishers can share their kindle books.. For promoting kindle books or for reviews exchanging."

Self-Published Crime Fiction Writers -  "Welcome to my group.
I hope I have chosen my first guests well, and that you all enjoy the Crime-Fiction genre.
Here is a place to post any books that you would recommend to your friends of other group members.
If you are an author, you are welcome to join the group and post your Crime Fiction novels here. Please don't spam and please stick to the genre."

Free Kindle Books UK -  "...We constantly search our website for good free books and post any that we find in this group. ..."

Free Kindle Books - "Sharing *free* Kindle (Amazon sites only) books as and when we find them. Get in quick as sometimes the books are only free for 24 hours before they return to paid. ..."

Kindle Unlimited - "Kindle Unlimited is a place for author's to share their kindle books and ebooks and a place for Kindle Unlimited subscribers to find great reads. ..."

I'm sure there are more.  Scads, probably.  But these are the ones I belong to.  There have been varying results, but they're all free so it's not costing me anything but time to post to them, and you never know when someone will see your post and buy.  

As for other marketing with Facebook, I have paid for ads.  Several times.  And I never see a sale directly from any of my paid marketing efforts.  There might be residual stuff from having my book splashed on FB, but nothing I can connect directly - i.e. post ad, see uptick in sales or page reads.  I haven't done one of these paid ads in a while.  It's hard to justify them when I don't see results, ya know what I mean?

I know some of you aren't on Facebook at all.  I understand.  It's a drain. Sometimes it sucks the energy right out of me.  It's definitely a timesuck.  But, like I said, I do see sales without having to shell out any of my tightly squeezed cash.  

Twitter?  I try to avoid it.  Talk about energy-sucking.  Bleh.  But I do have my FB author page feeding Twitter.  Sometimes I even go there and post, but only during sales.  Sometimes I see sales I can directly relate to a Twitter post.  Mostly, though, it's just for the exposure.  

And that's it in a nutshell.  Any questions?


  1. I use bitly links to help keep track of the number of clicks on my buy links. I should try to figure out how to make them FB/Twitter/Instagram/website specific so I can see which platforms are effective. I haven't paid for an ad in...forever. I saw no ROI from it. I should post on book sites but it takes time and I don't have it at the moment. Words. I'm concentrating on the words. Hell, I haven't even done a newsletter since spring and have done nothing to attract people to said unsent newsletter because those who allegedly know swear that's the way to market. Yeah. Whatever.

    Okay. I've to words to write. Today is going to be THE END or else!

  2. I did an ad through Fussy Librarian. Got 2 sales. Won't bother with them again. But I MAY try Book Bub after I get my box set together (yes, I know how hard it is to get on their newsletter). I hear box sets for series (in digital only) work really well and I have the books, so why not put them together in a set? Certainly can't hurt.