Monday, January 16, 2017

Sticking to the Budget

Okay, so this is primarily a blog about writing and crime.  But I assume you all realize I am a voracious reader, too.  And since you're all readers (as well as writers and crime buffs), I figure this topic will  interest you, too.


Yeah, I'm groaning right along with you.  I'm groaning especially hard since this book I've been hearing about on Facebook that sounds particularly yummy just released yesterday and it's outside my set budget.

Sorry.  I can't afford to buy new-to-me authors if their books are over $4.  Hell, I'm barely will to spend more than $3, but I'm willing to stretch up a dollar if the premise sounds awesome.  But $4.99 is flat out for debut. No matter how many people recommend you.  No matter who your friends are.  For petesakes, I hardly ever buy $4.99 books from MY friends. 

Just a fact of life.  I have a budget and I have to stick to it.  Even if someone gives me a gift card.  Even when I really really really want to splurge.  Splurging leads to bad habits.  If I splurge today, I'm more likely to splurge next time.  And next time it might be a $9.99 book.  Nope nope nope.  Ten of those and I'm out $100.  I don't have $100 to blow. 

Yeah, I'm a stick in the mud.  Too many years being cash-strapped has made me Auntie Scrooge.  Blah blah blah.  Plenty of cheaper books to read that are just as yummy. 

And as I've said before, this is why all my books are $2.99 (or less, if they're on sale).  Pricing them otherwise would be hypocritical. 

So, while I might drool over higher priced books, I'm being good and sticking to my budget. 

Do you have a book buying budget?  Do you stick to it fervently or is it just a guideline?

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  1. Sort of? And...sort of... LOL

    I have a CC that gives me credit at Amazon. That helps. And I always ask for Amazon GCs for holidays. That also helps. I frequent my local library's website hoping they have an ebook (or print if only available that way) of any new-to-me authors/debut books. I have so many to read already on my shelves (real AND virtual) that it's ridiculous. Plus I have Kindle Unlimited. I don't always get my $10 a month worth but when I glom onto a KU author, I can blow through that amount and then some on backlists. I just need to figure out how to claim those expenditures as research expense for my taxes. LOLOL