Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Crime in the News: What Do You Think?

A couple of days ago... maybe yesterday, I lose track of time... I saw a news story about a known gang member who'd been sentenced to 19 years (for what, I don't remember) and had his sentence commuted by Obama.  The news story was that the man had been murdered in the halfway house where he lived after his dis-incarceration.

Here's what I remember from the story.  Two masked, armed men came into the house.  While one man held the other residents at bay, the other man shot and killed the dude.  Then they left.  No one else was harmed.  So, basically, a hit.

Okay, here's the question of the day...  Do you think the hit was carried out by vigilantes or by rival gang members? 

Personally, I think it could go either way.  If it's rival gang members, it should be this one killing and that's it.  If it's vigilantes, prepare to see more of this.  Obama did commute an awful lot of sentences before he left offices. 

* No, I don't know if he commuted more sentences than other outgoing presidents.  Just stating the fact that he commuted sentences and an opinion that it seemed like a lot to me. 

1 comment:

  1. Yeah, more than the past TWELVE presidents combined.

    Just stating the facts.

    I'd say it was gang-related. If vigilantes, why wouldn't they go after everyone in the half-way house? At least in that last wave of commutations, the majority was drug-related. Will there be more? Depends on the gangs involved. *shrug*