Monday, December 12, 2016

What Do You Think?

Yesterday, Hubs and I decided to drive to a few spots and check out the lake levels.  It was dreary and had started to mist heavily, but we were determined to get out of the house while the temperatures were still above ass-freezing levels.

In one spot, we park the car and notice two other cars roaring up behind us.  They pull over to the other side of the area, next to each other, and sit there with their cars idling.  We get out to walk the 'beach' and notice another car pulled off into an impromptu 'road' in the weeds, sitting there idling.  We get out and walk down to the water.  As we turn to go back to our car, one of the first two cars zooms off. The other remains with his car idling and his window rolled down.

Point one:  This is not an area with the nicest of homes.  It's a local park in a little pocket of rundown trailers.

Point two: The occupants of all three vehicles were men in their late teens to mid twenties. 

Point three: None of the cars were nice.  One was a black low-end sports model with glass packs on the muffler.  Another was a green late model luxury car - like an old Lincoln town car or Cadillac.  The third was a black beater pickup.

Point four:  None of them left their vehicles while we were there.

They weren't there for the view and they didn't strike me as fishermen.  I'm guessing drug deal.  What do you think they were up to? 

Btw, we went elsewhere.  No sense getting in the middle of something when all we were wanted was to look at lake levels.

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