Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Opening a Can of Whoop-Ass on Myself

Okay, so I posted that Stalled thing on Monday.  Then I gave myself a good, ol' fashioned ass-whoopin'.  There was much internal swearing going on.  It lasted about thirty seconds - which, in the scheme of an inter-brainial war, was pretty long.  And after I said 'yes, ma'am' to myself and got my butt to work.

Some people would call this 'negative self-talk'.  I probably called myself every name in the book.  Told myself I was being stupid.  Mentally shouted at myself.  And it worked.

Would I ever talk to someone else that way?  Probably not.  I'd get punched in the mouth.  But this is me.  I can't punch myself in the mouth.  (Well, I could, but it would hurt and I'm not into pain.)  I can also take it.  It's not like I was saying anything that wasn't true at the time.  I was being a whiny baby.  I did need to get off my ass and get to work.  I needed a little drill sergeant tactics to motivate me.  General Patton stuff.  I mentally slapped my own face.

I might need to do this again.  And again.  And again.  Until it sticks.  I did get like 4 chapters worth of edit notes down for Natural Causes and did 21 pages more on the read-through for Early Grave on Monday, so that's something.  But I didn't do anything again yesterday.  I went fishing instead.

:lifts booted foot threateningly aimed at own ass:

Yes, ma'am.

I will get some more work done today.  Before I go fishing because, if I wait until after, the chances of working drop precipitously.

Have you ever had to kick your own ass?  How'd that turn out for you?


  1. Uhm...on a daily basis. After the first cup of coffee, the brain is usually ready to listen to reason. Some days, it takes 3. Today, since I've been awake since 3:00 a.m., I need to get my words in so I can nap. REALLY gonna need that nap...

    P.S. It doesn't help that my Muse decided I needed to write a Christmas story to go in my newsletter and that it needs to go out before for editor on January release and...and... *wanders away to find another cup of coffee*

  2. Yeah, the Boot-meeting-Butt treatment is what it takes for me, too, sometimes. And getting the writing done before I can do the fun/relaxing stuff. Some days just opening the file and staring at it works. The brain is a funny thing.