Monday, July 11, 2016

Stop Thinking

Now, I'm the last person anyone would expect to say such an awful thing as 'Stop Thinking'.  I love my brain.  I love thinking.  I believe everyone should do it as often as possible.

Except when thinking turns to THINKING...

Thinking about the book I want to write turns into thinking how the market might receive the book I want to write.

Thinking about whether I should put off the book I want to write in favor of the book someone else asked for.

Thinking about readers opinions instead of my own opinions.

Thinking about all of that and, thus, not getting any writing done.

So, I told myself to knock that shit off. 

I love my readers.  You guys are awesome.  And it's not that I don't care what you think, it's that I started to care too much about what you might think to the detriment of the actual words.  As a result, not only were you not getting what you wanted (or what I assumed you might want), but after Up Wish Creek goes lives, you wouldn't be getting anything. 

So, yeah, I should be finishing the 2nd Dennis Haggarty so it can go live this fall.  :shrug:  It'll get done.  Eventually.  In its own time.  I should be working on this book or that book or this storyline or that storyline line.  Shoulda would coulda. 

Anyway, you're going to be getting something a little different in the next SCIU.  Probably not anything you expected - except a good suspense story from the SCIU.  I won't be talking about it publicly until it's no longer a fragile hatchling.  Suffice it to say, I scrapped what I already had - shunted to the 'unfinished crap' folder - and started something entirely different, but totally right.  For me, anyway.  No sure when it'll be out.  I have to actually write it first. 

And in order to do that, I have to stop thinking and just write the damn book. 


  1. Well now I'm well & truly intrigued and can't wait to find out what you come up with. Talk about a teaser!

    I know what you mean about thinking. Sometimes I wish I could just turn my head off like I turn my computer off - much easier to get some sleep then.

  2. Yeah. Sigh. Thinking derailed my fiction. I'll get back to it. Eventually.

    But I'm at the inserting-illustrations and proofreading stages in the next nonfiction book. :-)